Lets Go Mets

How about the New York Mets.   Winners of 11 in a row (and 10 in a row at home to start the 2015 Season).   It;s been awhile since the Mets were relevant and actually playing some solid ball.   Was nice watching some of the games and seeing people in the stands, and making some noise.   Eerily similar to 1983 where the they were also 2 and 3 after 5 games and then went on to win 11 in a row (and 17 out of 18).  Hopefully they can keep things up.    I might even have to venture out to CITI field for a game

Lots of fun things coming up the next few weeks.    Will be going to a Kentucky Derby Party next Saturday.    Hopefully will be able to try a Mint Julep for the 1st time.  Will be good to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while


Next Sunday is the 62nd Annual Philly Non-Sports Show in Allentown Pennsylvania.   Always a good time attending the Card Talk Breakfast in the morning, followed by the show.  Hoping to pick up some hard to find promo cards as well as pick up some chase and parallel cards for some of my older sets.

Spike p-i

Inkworks Spike p-i Prome Card

Inkworks Charmed p-i Prome Card

Inkworks Charmed p-i Promo Card


Loved last weeks 2 hour Amazing Race.   Still love seeing all the countries and places they travel to.    One day I will travel the world as well (Hopefully as a contestant on the show). Thought it was awesome when the team won a trip to New Zealand from Travelocity for winning the leg of the race.   I would love to take a trip to Australia / New Zealand.   One day…

Was sad to see Jenn voted off of Survivor last week.   She was a true free spirit and really didn’t care if she was voted off  (Really telling to watch her Poderosa video on http://www.cbs.com).    She didn’t want to play the game the way the other contestants wanted to and they didn’t like her for this.   Good for her for not conforming and doing what she wanted to.   This season has been wild and like the way they are mixing things up with new twists.   Will help when I am on the show as people will need to use more of their social skills instead of relying on past ideas and knowledge.   This will help me as I get along with almost everybody,  and can rely on social interaction to get me further.

Lastly have really enjoyed listening to the James Altucher Podcast while driving to / from work.  The past few guests (Jon Acuff, Nicholas Megalis, Dan Buettner).   Some really good interview and it has really opened up my mind to new and exciting things and ideas


I have also been listening to the “This American Life” podcast.   Again some really interesting stories about things I never would have sought out, or even knew existed.


Lately I have found myself switching from listing to the same old, repetitive,and mostly worthless sport take radio (except for Mike Francesa, who has remained relevant and  local to the NY / NJ area)  to listening to Podcasts, and trying to read more books.  This is so much more fulfilling, as well as opening up my eyes to all that the world has to offer.

Finally, Marillion weekend is this week in Montreal.  Things again did not work out this year for me to attend.    But on the bright site, they have announced that they may be touring the US in 2016 and I will definitely be attending shows in the NY Area.

I will leave you with the video for Genie from the great Marbles album




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