Been to long

Been a long time since I sat down and wrote some new stuff so here it goes

Really enjoying the new seasons of both Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Both shows continue to set the standard for this type of reality show.    For Survivor, I try to avoid most online chatter for fear of spoilers, but do enjoy watching the Ponderosa Videos of the contestants voted off and on the jury.   Last weeks showed with Joe how much the show means to people.   After watching that, it makes me even more determined to get on the show.   Will be working on my next audition video soon.    As for The Amazing Race, this season shows that it can carry itself no matter who the contestants are.   Whether it’s family members, married couples, or people who just met, they all are appreciative of the opportunity to travel around the world.

How about the New York Mets.   Needed to get off to a good start and at 7 – 3 they have started to gain the confidence they needed.    Last night’s game is one they would have definitely lost the past few years.   Good to see them show some spunk with a good comeback win.   Let see if they can keep it up and take at least 2 of the next 3 from the Marlins.    With Harvey and Degrom (plus Colon pitching well to start the season), this may just be a fun year for us long time Mets Fans

Saw the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and have to admit, I like the direction they are going with the new movie.   Seem to be showing just enough of the old and the new to make us older folks excited about the movie.   I am a fan of most of J.J Abrams stuff (loved LOST and ALIAS on TV, but am not a huge fan of the new Star Trek Movies).   Hopefully he learned something from them and the fans and we will all be celebrating the new movie.

I am having a fun time with the new Star Wars Digital Card Trader for iOS (as well a the BUNT – The Baseball version).  Lots of fun chasing and collecting Star Wars cards (both old and new).   Dont know if this will ever totally replace collecting physical cards (Average Andy is a Non Sports Card Collector), but it can be addicting.   Right now just playing for free with the coins they give each day which is plenty to build a decent collection

Speaking of Non Sports Cards – The 62nd Annual Philly Non Sports Card Show is only 2 weeks away.   Will be attending the show as well as the Card Talk breakfast and hope to pick up a bunch of promo and chase cards for my sets.

Had a great vacation last week in Hilton Head Island.    Was able to be active (swimming / biking / running) while also relaxing.   Was also great to see my cousin who lives there and works at the Disney resort.   Already looking forward to next year

Finally, here is a great video set to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”.  I dare you not to smile and think of all the great dancing in movies.



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