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Its getting down to the wire for both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Both shows have been awesome as usual this season and really looking forward to the last few episodes and the finales.   Amazing Race has gone to some really cool places this season.    I think I have learned more about the world, the countries and the people from watching the show then I ever learned from reading a textbook in school.    School systems should somehow incorporate watching the show into their curriculum.   Cant wait to see who wins.   On a side note, I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a bank, and  getting a loan.  The ad mentioned that these 2 goat farmers were able to use the loan to help set up there on-line store.  Turns out it was Josh and Brent who won Amazing Race Season 21

Here is a link to there store.    Congratulatins and good for them


As for Survivor, not really sure who I am rooting for.   While the show is still fascinating to watch,  seem too many of the players think they are super smart and can outwit everybody because they have see past episodes.    Interesting to watch the Ponderosa videos of people on the jury.  They all say that the game is much harder than they thought, and just being a super fan is not going to automatically make you a good player or the sole survivor.  This does make me want to be on the show even more, and see what the experience is really like.   While I have seen every episode of every season, I don’t consider myself a super fan.  I am obsessed with the show and the whole thing still fascinates me 15 years later, but am not somebody who will sit and watch all past seasons, or can recite every contestant, tribe name, and location.  So I think I would make an excellent contestant as I have great knowledge of the show and the game, but an open mind of how to play it.

I know I will not be chosen for the next season as Jeff Probst and CBS announced that next season will consist of past players voted by the fans.    There are 32 people for 20 spots.  Who makes it will be announced live during the live reunion special and the 20 lucky ones will leave the reunion, hop on a bus and start their adventure.    Have to admit that was not overly excited to hear that next season will consist of past players, but after reading on how they plan to do it, it peaked my interested and seems kind of cool.

Here is the link to vote for your favorites:


Event though next season is set, I will be making a new video and submitting it for a chance of making it on the show in the future.

Briefly on the Mets.   They have had a slight letdown after their 11 game winning streak.   But with the solid pitching lead by Harvey, DeGrom, and Colon, they should be able to handle a few bad series and straighten out the ship.    They are still in 1st place, and it’s always easier to play as the leader instead of the chaser.

Had a great time at the Kentucky Derby party last week.  Thanks to Pat and Beth for hosting.   Was also great so see some long time friends.

I had a great time at the Philly Non Sports Card Show in Allentown last Sunday.   Big thanks to the Toser family for putting on the show twice a year.   Was able to pick up some promo cards I was looking for, as well as a box of Star Wars Alien Cards.


Going to finish opening the box this weekend and hopefully will pull a decent auto card.

And finally would  like to send out a big thanks Marlin Toser for sending me some cards I needed to add to my Philly Non Sports Card set.  It was very much appreciated.

Will write soon with some thoughts of things going on in the world of Sports / TV and Music.



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1 Response to Few things

  1. pegboards says:

    Good luck getting on Survivor. I know you are bummed it is a returnee season but they did just do 3 straight season of newbies and the season airing next spring will also have new people (although it has already been filmed).

    What I am saying is that Survivor is stronger than ever thanks to these newbies seasons so keep trying and don’t give up hope! After Second Chance I bet they will go back to newbies for another couple of seasons at least.


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