Hope all is well

Well I didn’t win the 500 Million Power Ball Lottery, so live will go on as normal.   Lots of discussion at work of what Everybody would do if they won.   I hope that I would remain the same person and not become some kind of jerk.   I actually would prefer to win a smaller prize (A few million dollars would be nice).   That way I could enjoy a stress free life without all the craziness and pressures that would come with winning a huge jackpot.   I  would probably continue to work but would enjoy it so much more without the stress involved.   To have the attitude that work needs me more than I need them would be nice

I always wonder if I could even enjoy myself if I won a huge jackpot.   Would I be ordering Lobster and Filet Mignon every meal just because I could.  Would I shell out insane amounts of money for things like Super Bowl tickets just because I could.  I dont think I would be able to let myself enjoy it.   Hey, I will walk out of a casino, and down the block to by a water or soda instead of paying 5.00 + dollars in the mini fridge.

Only 2 weeks to the premier of both Survivor and Amazing Race.   Really looking forward to another season.   Will help get through the rest of the cold and snow here in New Jersey.  Will be interesting to see what Survivor comes up with this season to change things up a bit.  And the Amazing Race is doing something with couples that are meeting each other for the 1st time.

For most shows (Including Survivor and Amazing Race) I try to avoid all the online chatter for fear of spoilers as I like to enjoy both shows and be surprised as the weeks go by.  Was upset with the Food Network, as the showed a preview of the 2 finalists for Worst Cook in America right before the final elimination.   It was such a let down, that I feel like I dont even want to watch the finale.   They have done this in the past as well.  Makes no sense and I have to wonder if they even realize that they upsetting the fans of the shows.  May have to write them a letter.

Only a handful of days until Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training.  Going to be an interesting year for the NY Mets.   They need to get off to a good start so that people can get behind the team.  But that then means Terry Collins will keep his job.  One of those catch 22 moments.   I guess as a long time fan, I want them to do well and get off to a good start.  They have some really good pitching and if they can get David Wright and Curtis Granderson to have bounce back years, we may be looking at a contending team.  Hopefully there will be meaningful september baseball at CITI Field

Picked up a few smaller boxes of TOPPS 2015 Baseball Cards (Like to pick up a few each year to see what new and interesting inserts TOPPS comes up with each year).  Maybe if I did win the lottery (or Survivor or Amazing Race) I would actually try and complete a set one year.   As a long time collector of Non Sports Cards and some Baseball Cards, to have the money to try and complete a Master Set would be fun and exciting



Finally want to mention the passing of long time basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian and CBS 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon.    Will always remember Jerry Tarkanian with the towel in is mouth couching the UNLV Running Rebels, and the smooth delivery of Bob Simon on Sunday nights.  They both will be missed.

More later



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