January update

Hard to believe this is my 1st update of 2015.   Sorry and hope to have updates much more often going forward.   Been a crazy start to 2015 with work and the weather.  I’m finally back on track after working most days during the Christmas holiday on a major issue at work.  Got things resolved and working smoothly so things are good

Have to admit that I am burned out with the NFL and the Superbowl this year.   I will be watching, but don’t care one way or the other who wins.   And I am going out of my way to avoid all media hype.   I never really cared about media day (even when the Giants were playing in the Super Bowl).   I’m tired of the same old interviews year after year with old time players.  Nobody even talks about the game any more.  Its all about who can come up with some story that is irrelevant and get the most viewers or people to tweet about it.   Wake me up at 6:20 on Sunday for kick-off.

I think Mike Francesa sums things up well


Not much new in the world of Television for me.    No new shows have gotten me that exited.  The only show that I liked was A to Z and it was cancelled 1/2 through the season.  It actually got better as the season went on, and had some potential.   Go back an look at some of the early seasons of shows like Seinfeld and Friends.  Took a while for the writers to get a feel of show.  Also usually some characters get cut and some new ones get added or have bigger roles.  Would have like to see where this could have went.

Still watching CSI and it is still one of the best shows out there.   As far as comedy,   The Middle is one of the best, along with Modern Family which is still very funny.

Only a few weeks away from both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Really looking forward to spending Wednesdays and Fridays with family watching.

And right after that is when Pitcher and Catchers report to spring training.   Actually think the New York Mets may be good this year (despite Terry Collins).   He needs a fast start or he will be watching from afar when the Mets make their play-off run

And last, please say a prayer to my Uncle George (Red) Morgan who passed away this morning.    He was a kind and gentle man and will be missed.

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