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Hard to believe we are already 1 week into December.   Been a crazy but fun year and looking forward to the Christmas / New Years Holidays.   These few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can drag a bit as everybody scrambles to finish things they need to get done.

Not much new going on.  Very strange with both the NY Giants and NY Jets totally eliminated from the play-offs with 1/4 of the season left.   In the past, I always had fun going through all the different scenarios of what needed to happen for the Giants to make the play-offs.  Even when they fell short the past few years, they were technically alive until the last 1 or 2 weeks.   Will be interesting to see what direction management takes going forward.   Not much to do but wait and see.

I have seen the new trailers for both Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens, and Terminator Genysis since it was impossible to ignore.   It’s becoming harder and harder to actually wait for a movie to premier in the theaters without being spoiled.   I will try my best to avoid reading all the posts and blogs and stories on these and other movies so that I can enjoy the experience and surprise.

Also crazy on all the negativity that seem to be out there now regarding anything (TV / Movies / Music).   Why can’t people enjoy anything anymore.    Everybody has their idea and view, and if things aren’t exactly what they want, then it sucks.   Enough – just sit back, relax, and enjoy things and I promise you will feel much better

Looking forward to the last few episodes of both Homeland and The Affair.   Showtime has 2 excellent shows which helps make my Comcast Triple Play package worth it.  Since my only options seem to be basic cable (no Movies / Sports / Music channels) for 1 cost , or everything (HBO / Showtime / Cinemax / MLB / NFL / Tennis) for a higher cost, at least there are some things that help to take the sting away

Finished the latest Dave Gurney book (#4 Peter Pan must Die).   Really enjoy these books.  Besides the interesting stories, the books take place in upstate NY, and since I am familiar with the area, gives them a more realistic feel.   Looking forward to the next one.    Picked up the latest Dan Brown novel “Inverno” while at my parents over Thanksgiving.   So far so good.  Hoping to find more time to read over the holidays and into next year

Hopefully will be able to write some more here before 2015




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