Day off

Have a day off from work as I have to use some vacation days before the end of the year or lose them. I’m probably like most people who look up an realize there are only so many days left in 2014 and wonder were the year went. I did take a vacation early in the year (lovely week in Hilton Head Island), but other than that have been at work practically every day. So now I am scrambling to use up the days I have accrued. Next year I plan on taking a few days in the spring and summer and doing some fun things with the family. Trips to the beach or an amusement park instead of work seem like a great idea.

Giants showed that they really are not that good. Been pretty bad the past 2 years and it may be time for a change. Would not trade he past few seasons for the 2 Super Bowl victories, and would still take Eli Manning over most other QBs in the league, but think it’s time to break things down and start over.

See that the Florida Marlins are about to give Geo Carlo Stanton a absolutely insane and idiotic 13 year 375 million dollar contract. I believe that this will be a big mistake for them as well as baseball. All players are already overpaid and this is just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. I believe players should get paid but not at these amounts. Florida will still struggle and then trade him in 2 years (probably to the desperate NY Mets).

My problem is that the players are never held responsible for when they and their teams do bad. In the “real” world, people get fired and lose jobs when there business does bad or when they constantly under preform. In sports the players rarely get any blame. In fact they get unjustly rewarded. Would be if a car salesman gets hired and is awful. Then after 2 years of not even selling a single car, sells one and runs to the boss and asks for a raise and the boss says sure and how about we make you part owner as well.

Writing this from my phone while sitting at Starbucks. Got to love technology.

Will write some more in the days to come



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