Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Got our 1st snow of the season last night.   Was driving home from work and noticed the rain turning to sleet and then to snow.   By the time I got home, had close to an inch on ground.

Had a discussion with my daughter as to what we feel when we see snow.  I feel both peacefulness and stress at the same time.   To my Daugher, she said dull and dreary as well as happiness.   Thinking about this, I realized the power snow has.  This may be partly based on living in the North East (NY City area).  We get snow, but not like places North like Buffalo or Minnesota where show is common and probably doesn’t affect people as much, or places South where cities are basically shut down for a few inches.  Here we just have to deal with longer travel times,  shoveling driveways, and the occasional loss of power.   Nothing drastic, but enough to just make me a bit uneasy.

On the bright side, it was a lovely day to day and for some reason there was no one on the roads.  Got to work early and was able to take a nice walk around the park that is behind our building.  Here is a video I shot using the time lapse feature on my phone

Speaking of videos,  I have submitted another Survivor Audition Video.    Will see if this is finally the year for AverageAndy to get his shot at being a contestant.     Am still a big fan, and love the later episodes when people get sent to the jury because that means Ponderosa Videos on  Really enjoy seeing the contestants in this setting.   Get a really honest look at them.    I usually avoid all the other stuff like the Survivor Live Replay Jeff Schroeder, (Although I like him from Big Brother,  Amazing Race,  Around the World for Free), bonus clips, behind the scenes clips.   All that doesn’t interest me as much.   Just like the show and the contestants.

In other news,  was turned on to a podcast called “Serial” by a friend of mine

Its a fascinating true story of a murder in the Baltimore area in 1999 and the author’s search for the truth.  Listened to all episodes in a few days to catch up and now am hooked.  Take a chance and listen if you have some time.

Still need to go see “Interstellar” – Maybe this weekend if I can find some time.   Hopefully will get to see it and write a review next week

Read the 1st 2 Hunger Games books (Hunger Games / Catching Fire), but never got to Mocking Jay.   Don’t think I will be able to get to it by next week when The movie (part 1) comes out.  Will make it the next book on my list as I like to read the book before seeing the movie if possible.

Only 1 week to the big Lehigh / Lafayette game in Yankee Stadium.  Hoping the weather holds until them (Just don’t want it to be snowing and bitter cold).   Then Thanksgiving and we move right into December and Christmas

Things are looking good

Hope all is well



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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