Hard to believe it’s already November.    Already hear lots of people talking about holiday plans.   Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here quicker than you think.

Have a few things planned myself

Heading to Yankee Stadium in NYC on Saturday, November 22nd for the 150th Football game between the Lehigh Engineers / Mountain Hawks, and the Lafayette Leopards.

Its College Football’s most played rivalry and should be a lot of fun.  Hoping to see lots of friends and some old classmates.

Will be heading down to Delaware for Thanksgiving.   Always good to get some time off to see Mom & Dad, my sister and her family.   Looking forward to a nice diner and just relaxing for a few days.   No Black Friday shopping here.   Actually saw that some stores are not opening to let their employees enjoy time with their families.  Love this idea

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning their 3rd World Series in 5 years.  While we did not see the most exciting or thrilling games in the World Series,  the overall play-offs were fun to watch and was great seeing the Kansas City Royals go on an amazing run.    Only 3 months till Pitcher and Catchers report to Spring Training.   Hopefully my NY Mets can put things together and make a run at the play-offs.   Going to take the positive attitude that  2015 is their year

Can’t say much positive about the NY Football Giants.   They just don’t look to good right now. Still think Eli and Company might have a run in them starting this week in Seattle.  They have been a Jekyll and Hyde team the past few years and when you think they are good they are bad and when you think they are bad they are good.   A big road win this week could set them on there way

Saw my DVR is getting close to 95% full.  Guess I haven’t had much free time to catch up on some older shows.   Might have to put in a rule that if I record a show, and the DVR gets to  5 or more episodes available, its time to move on.

Wasn’t surprised that A to Z got cancelled.  I really wanted to like the show, but it was just missing something.   Like lot’s of shows, it just tried to hard.   There is a real are to  comedy, and how to make it funny but believable at the same time.  For A to Z, kept comparing it in my mind to How I Met Your Mother, and thinking how the main guy was a lame attempt at Ted Mosby.   Made me really appreciate Josh Radnor.

Saw that Fox pulled the plug on Utopia.   Must have been strange to be on the show and all of a sudden the producers walk on to the set and say thanks for your time, but shows over, you gotta go.    Just like the umpires in The Bad New Bears in Breaking Training

Could you just see some of the contestants running away from the producers.

Will write some more by the end of the week on TV, Movies and Music

Also will predict my winner of Survivor after this weeks merge.

Until then

Think your happies and have a wonderful day


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