Some thoughts for a Tuesday

The MLB World Series starts tonight between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants.   The play-offs have been a lot of fun so far, and I’m hoping for a exciting series.  Is it much watch for me (A New York Mets fan from NJ)?, no, but I will be checking in to watch.  I believe all games are on FOX National Broadcast, which should help getting some ratings.   I know people will bash MLB and FOX for the ratings, but does it really matter.  The games are on TV, and anybody who wants to watch will watch.  The games will be covered on TV (over-the air, and cable), on the Internet, and be a headline on News Papers (I’m still a fan of the daily newspaper).   Saw an article the other day killing baseball ratings (Giants / Cardinals on Fox Sports 1), comparing them the Jets / Patriots game (CBS Thursday Night Football).

Here are the Baseball Numbers I found:

Here are the Football Numbers I found:

MLB – 6.5 Million,  NFL – 11.87 Million

So while more people did watch the Football (Major Network, Big Market Teams) then the Baseball (Cable Network, Small Market Teams),  its not that big of a difference considering the circumstances.

In summary – If you want to watch the World Series, (or any other sporting event), it will be on regardless of the ratings.   So sit back, and enjoy the game and let others worry about the ratings and how much the can charge for a 30 second commercial.

Another story here in New Jersey is the potential legalization of sports betting.    My personal feeling is that this is another miscalculation much like last years legalization of internet gambling.   Making it legal to bet on Football games is not going to automatically mean people from New Jersey and other states are going to be lining up by the thousands to place a few dollars on the Bills / Jets game this Sunday.   Part of the fun of gambling for the average person is the atmosphere – Much like most people want the experience of the casino over sitting in front of a computer / tablet / phone to play Black Jack or Roulette, I believe they will be turned off  on the idea of sitting in the bleachers at Monmouth Racetrack, watching NFL games on some small crappy TVs (Full Disclosure – Haven’t been to the Race Track in years so not sure if they have update to large HD TVs but tend to  think not).   Legalized sports gambling will be everywhere in a few years, but to believe it will generate millions and millions of dollars for the states is still to be seen.

On to other things

Here are a few thoughts on the current TV Season

60 Minutes – Still enjoy it every Sunday

Scorpion – Pretty stupid – Will keep it on the DVR for a bit, but not overly impressed

A to Z – Pretty disappointed so far.  Was hoping to like it, but the main guy reminds me of a Ted Mosby want to me (and makes me appreciate Josh Radnor that much more).

Homeland – Watched the 1st 2 episodes and still enjoy it

Gotham – Will give it a chance.  Liking it so far

CSI – Still one of the best shows on TV.  Been there from the beginning and hoping the move to Sunday at 10:00 PM doesn’t spell the end.

Madam Secretary – Always been a fan of Tea Leoni and actually enjoy the show.

Walking Dead / Talking Dead – The 1st episod pushed the limit of gore.  Show is very good at building tension and suspense, but still always wonder why they just dont leave and got to Washington DC.

Finally – Attended the 61s Philly Non-Sports Card show last weekend.   Also attended the free Card Talk Breakfast and really enjoyed the talk by Rittenhouse Archives founder and president Steve Charendoff.  Very insightful info on his take on the future of Non Sports Cards.  Especially liked his  answer to how to get younger people involved – “Not sure if we can”.   He basically said that while it would be great to get younger people to buy non-sports cards and enjoy the hobby as much as the people in attendance (an  older audience), they have some many other outlets for their entertainment that maybe Non-Sports Cards are not there thing.   No use worrying about what you can’t control.

Did pick up a box of Star Trek: The Original Series Portfolio Prints Trading Cards  – Hoping for a good auto / sketch.

Star Trek Portfolio

Star Trek Original Series Portfolio Trading Cards

Star Trek Original Series Portfolio Trading Cards

Thats all for now – More later

Have a wonderful day




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