Cant believe its been a month since my last post

Where does the time go.  Been almost a month since Average Andys last post.    I am alive and well and things are good.   Been busy at work, and seem to have things planned every weekend.

Both Survivor and Amazing Race have started again and as always they are some of the best shows on TV.   I like the Blood vs. Water theme on Survivor and think it brings a interesting perspective to the game.   Adds an extra level of strategising for the players.  And I like Exile Island much better then when Redemption Island.  Once your voted off, your done (Although when I finally make it to the show, I will be hoping for  Redemption Island to return; will need all the help I can get).

Also, when I make the show, and happen to find a idol,  I think I would play it the next tribal.  Think of it as a get out of jail card.   Would be awful to be voted off with an idol (which has been done numerous times, see link below)

As for the Amazing Race, still watching (even with its move to Friday nights; and with DVRs, what night a show is on is no longer a big issue).   Still one of the best ways to see and explore different places around the world.   Schools should use the show as a teaching assistant.  I feel I have learned and seen more of the globe from the Amazing Race than I ever did from a text book.

Still mad at myself for not getting to Time Square when they filmed the opening live in the summer.   Would have been neat to be there.

Want to congratulate Derrick Levasseur for winning Big Brother 16.  Was another great season and he deserved to win.   He played a great game and put himself up there with Dr Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling as the best of all time

The Giants have turned things around after a 0 – 2 start and have a big game this weekend in Philadelphia.   A win would set them up nicely going forward.  I’m beginning to get a good feeling about this team, and Eli Manning.    To me, he is underrated as a QB, not so much because of his statistics or won – loss record (which admittedly is not the greatest), but due to his durability, and the ability to handle NY as a true professional.  And he does have 2 Super Bowl MVPs, which do count for something.   Go BIG BLUE

Been a rough start for Lehigh Football this year.   Off to an 0- 4 start with their 1st conference game against a touch Bucknell squad this weekend.   Hoping the Mountain Hawks can post their 1st victory and get on roll so that the Lehigh / Lafayette game at Yankee Stadium (150th meeting) will have some juice.   Average Andy will be there rooting them on no matter what the record, but if were for the Patriot League championship that would be nice

The MLB play-offs have been fun to watch with a lot of great and entertaining games.   I am a bit tired with the Cardinals, but they play good fundamental baseball and are a well run organization.   Hopefully next year the NY Mets put things together and for the 1st time in a while will make the play-offs.

I’m torn between the Royals and the Orioles.   Will be happy with whichever team makes it to the World Series, and be rooting for them to win it all

Will try to write more soon about TV / Music / Movies / and whatever else is on my mind

Have a happy and safe Columbus day

Average Andy



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