Hope everybody is doing well

Finally got a chance to see Interstellar, and really, really liked it.  Was one of the best movies I have seen in a while.   Saw it in a AMC Dinner Theater on a 4K Digital screen and the picture and sound were top notch.   Was a really well made movie made me appreciate the skill and talent of today’s filmmakers.   I have enjoyed most of Christopher Nolan’s other movies (except the Batman Trilogy which for some reason just doesn’t do it for me)

It refreshing to see a movie that combines CGI and special effects with a thoughtful story in a respectful manner  instead of crazy car chases and massive shootouts.   This was kind of like Gravity (which I also enjoyed) but with a little more or a full story.   I also like the way Christopher Nolan uses time theory.   Made it both believable and thought provoking at the same time.  Highly recommended for both a good time at the movies, and a good study of filmmaking techniques

Received my annual Christmas CD from Marillion for being a member of the Web UK (Marillions Fan Club).   This year it was a 2 CD Set of one of the 2014 show in Chile as part of the Best Sounds Latin America Tour.    A big thanks to the Band for giving something back to the fans each year.   Wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Only one more episode of this season of Serial – the podcast about a murder in Baltimore in 1999.  Cant wait to see where this is left off.   Also happy that they will be back with a new story next year.    Check it out at

Only a few more episodes of both Homeland and The Affair.  Both have been really good this season and kept me on the edge of my seat.   Cant wait to see how they end.

I was thrilled to see that dope Jon voted off in Survivor.   He just rubbed me the wrong way.    Seemed to think that the game owed him the 1 Million Dollar prize.   He seem to disrespect everybody else in a way that made him seem condescending.  There is a difference between that and simply being a jerk.  Russell Hantz was a jerk.  But he know it and didn’t care.  In my opinion I can respect this more than Jon.

Jon getting voted off also made me want to get on the show that much more to see if you really could trust people that much that you know want to win as much as you and will do whatever it takes.   Rooting for Keith to win it all and become the next Survivor.    Will write more after next week’s finale with my take on the winner and this season

And finally, here is one of my favorite ice cream treats

King Cone

Much better than any other Good Humor bars like the Chocolate Eclair or Strawberry shortcake.   May have to pick one up over the weekend

Those on the east coast stay warm

Average Andy Out


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