Been a while

Sorry I haven’t written anything lately.  Been busy with work and life in general

Baseball season has started and the Mets are doing about what I expected.    They are not good, but also not bad.  Just an average team.   If I was in charge,  I would seriously think about getting rid of Terry Collins, only because I don’t think he is the long time solution.  He is also to wishy washy, and making a mess out of the Ike Davis / Lucas Duda platoon.  Choose one and stay for the next 50 games.   Crazy

Saw some dopey baseball executive was tossing around the idea of changing the game to 7 innings because the game is too long.   How does anybody with thing idea even become an executive.   My guess is its some really rich owner who could care less about baseball and only cares about how to make more money.  Figures he can reduce salaries by having to pay the players less.  But will still collect all the TV money, and Fan revenue (Tickets, Jerseys).    Its one of the big problems I see in all sports.   Their are owners who only care about making as much money as they can before they sell the team.   Have no long term ties to the team or the history.  Sad that sports is slowing (and recently fastly) becoming way to much of a business.

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race are having great seasons as usual.  Not the biggest fan of All Star Seasons, but have been pleasantly surprised.  As for Survivor,  that lady Kass probably made the right move last week, but in the process killed any chance she had to win.   And as for playing an idol, when I find on, I would play it right a way.   Saves me for a week, and gets it out of the way (and they usually add a new one anyway)

Started a new book (The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt).   Don’t know much about it but was recommended by my mom, and see it listed on the NY Times Bestsellers.  Will let you know once I’m done  (May take a while as I am a slow reader)

Looking forward to the next Philly Non-Sport Card Show in May in Allentown, PA.   They are having a special diner, and the usual Card Talk gathering which should both be a lot of fun.  I will post some images of some cards after the show

Also heading down to Hilton Head Island for vacation.   Will try to post some pictures from that as well

Back work, but will write soon

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