Another week gone by

Just a quick update this time

Caught the 1st inning of the broadcast of the NY Mets on WOR 710 after being on WFAN 660 for ever.   Very strange during the commercial break not hearing the familiar WFAN jingle.   I know things are always about the money, but I think the Mets made a big mistake of leaving WFAN.   Reminds me of when Mets were on Sports Channel in the 80s.  Most people didn’t get it or had to pay extra so they became Yankee Fans.   The idea is to get your product to as large an audience as possible.  Now there will be lots of old time Mets fans up and down the east coast that who will turn on WFAN, and wonder where the Mets are.   The will  most likely not get WOR, so they will  simply stop listening.

Watched the season premier of Survivor and enjoyed it a usual.   Still fascinating seeing how all the contestants go about playing the game.   Will be watching for the next round of casting and Open Auditions and will apply again when I can.  Hopefully, some day Average Andy will be on Survivor and do his best to outwit, outlast and outplay everybody and become the Sole Survivor

Didn’t get to watch the Amazing Race premier (its been a busy week) but have it DVR’d and will get to it this weekend.  Might still end up a week behind with the Academy Awards this Sunday.   Always like to watch the Academy Awards, although I don’t get to the movies as much as I would like.

Talking about, movies, sad news with Harold Ramis passing this week.  He was responsible for many movies that represented my child hood, an many other mid 40 year olds.   He will be missed

Lots of stuff coming up in the next few months so will write soon



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