Gotta Love the Weather

Seems like its been cold and snowy forever here in the North East.    Every time it seems the weather is getting a little better, BAM, another snow storm.      Been trying my best to get out and at least take some nice long walks.   Hopefully it warms up this week and melts some of the giant snow piles that are making driving tricky.   Also RIP to my mailbox that got plowed over last week.   Once I can get to it, I will see if if can be salvaged.

The Amazing Race returns this Sunday with an All-Star Edition.   As I have said in the past, I am not a big fan of the All-Stars shows.  Not just for Amazing Race, or Survivor, but all reality type shows.  Never liked Celebrity Apprentice,  or the Celebrities on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.   Just feel it cheapens things.   It is also on lest season where Average Andy cannot be a contestant.

Also  Survivor starts up again next Wednesday.  Will be nice to have some new stuff to watch.  While I am enjoying this season of American Idol, not sure how much I will be watching now that the top 30 have been announced.  Can get a bit overwhelming with shows 3 nights a week.

Baseball is just around the corner.   Not sure what the Met’s will bring to the table this year.  Like the Granderson signing, but not a big fan of them bring in Colon.   Enough with these old guys.   Give the young and upcoming guys a shot.   The biggest question mark is will Ike Davis remain on the team.  If he does, it doesn’t matter what he does this spring.  He could hit 20 HR and bat .500, but if he goes  0 – 4 with 3 KS on opening day, his season (and time with the Met’s) is over.  No way he will ever recover.   And nobody, and I mean nobody has any faith in Reuban Tajada at SS.    The Met’s must see this, and do anything possible to get him off the team.  And finally RIP Ralph Kiner.   He was a big part of my childhood growing up (Ralph, Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson).  All are missed.

Got a few things planned in the upcoming months, and will try to keep all you out there updated when I can



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