Halfway through August

Hard to believe its already halfway through August (and over 3 weeks since my last post). Lots has happened since then

I did head down to Atlantic City for the Survivor Open Casting Call.    Stood in line for over 4 hours to get my few minutes in front of the camera to let them know why Average Andy should be a contestant.   It was a lot of fun, and I met some very nice people online.  Was a little flustered and not sure I came across as passionate and confident as I would have liked.  But it was a great learning experience, and looking forward to doing it again sometime in the future (if I don’t get called for this one, still hoping every time my cell phone rings)

Took some time off of work for a fantastic vacation on Oak Island in North Carolina.  Friends rented a house for a week and invited us down with them.   It was very generous of them and was truly appreciated.  Had great weather all week and enjoyed the beach and ocean every day.   Took some time to go for some runs and walks and really decompress.

Was able to stop by my sisters place in VA, and my parents in DE on the way home.  Was great to see everybody and looking forward to next time.  All is all it was a awesome time

Some thought from the past few weeks

As far as baseball and the steroid / PED stuff.    I think everybody looks bad.  The players for consistently stating they are clean, and then getting proven wrong, and the owners, who claim they want to clean up the game, but continue to give out big contracts to players they know are using the steroids  (Watch Nelson Cruz and Jonny Pheralta cash in next year with huge multi-year deals).   If you really want to clean things up (which I wonder if anybody really does), the owners need to be penalized for signing these guys.   Do you think the owner of the Kansas City Royals or Houston Astros really cares about  cleaning up the came when they offer Nelson Cruz a 5 year 100 million contract next year

As far a MLB, its time for them to admit that there testing is a failure.  Not the policy (Good for them for suspending these players).   But the testing obviously is not working.  Say I am clearly drunk, stumble out of a bar, hop in my car, and smash into a tree.   The police arrive and give me a breathalyzer test, but it comes back clean.   Can I claim I wasn’t drunk since I didn’t fail the test?   If this kept happening, and people keep driving drunk, wouldn’t the town go back to the company and say,  ‘find me a test that works since the one we are giving is not working.   MLB should hire the best doctors (why not out pay the players since they have the money) to come up with tests that can’t be beat. If not, then simply show us all the other evidence they have on the players and make them look bad in the publics eye.  Let them sue it they want.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, still really enjoying Big Brother this season.   Caught up on all episodes and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

Enjoyed the season finally of “Falling Skies”.   Sad that I have to wait until next summer for it to return.   One of the better shows out there.

Some other shows I am enjoying are “Perception” on TNT, although Rachael Leigh Cook is awful, and “Unforgettable” on CBS (still get it on Comcast).

Also enjoyed watching “The Next Food Network Star” with my daughter.   Didn’t really care who won, (don’t think the next big star will be coming from this season), but had fun watching.

Getting ready for the fall premiere of Survivor and the Amazing Race, as well as the return on “Big Bang Theory”, and the “Walking Dead”

Also getting ready for the NFL Football (NY Giants will be the 1st team to play is a Super Bowl in their home stadium), and College Football (Looking for another big year from the Lehigh Mountain Hawks)

Thats all for now.   Hope to write again soon

Until then,

Keep Smileing



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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