Been a while

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.   Been busy, but there’s really no excuse for not being able to find a few minutes here and there to give you some of my thought / opinions and observations

Want to first thank my Aunt / Uncle / Cousin for having us over last night for a fabulous diner.  It was great to see them and I should put more of an effort to see them (and other family members) more often.   We all should take a few minutes now and then to reach out to friends and family and enjoy their company

As I mentioned, its been awhile, so here are a few thoughts / opinions / observations that have been floating around in my head

“Under the Dome” on CBS is awful.   Really disappointed in this as I was really looking forward to see how they handled the excellent book by Stephen King.   What they basically did was to take the premise and then make up their own story.  Its so off from the book, that they should have called it something else, and then add a tag line of “Stupid Story very lightly based on a great book by Stephen King).  It would be like me pitching a TV show called “The adventures of Harry Potter” where there is this wizard, who travels around with his sister and her friends, using magic to play tricks on unsuspecting people.   He lives in a castle that his parents own, and loves to play jokes on the staff”.   Just awful

On the other hand, “Big Brother”, also on CBS never fails to entertain.  I think its funny how after 15 years, they had to put up a disclaimer at the beginning that there may be some inappropriate content.   Why are people so uptight these days.    The shows been on for years and every season there are some contestants who are very opinionated and like to rub others the wrong way.  Thats part of what makes the show work so well.  You feel like these are real people, living there lives like they would at home.

Lot of stuff going on regarding Major League Baseball.   First, Bud Selig has got to go. Not because of the PED and BioGenesis stuff (I thong Baseball is doing OK with regards to cleaning up the game).  No he has to go because he is old and out of touch with the times (Not saying being old is bad, but at some point you need to realize the world is moving a at such a fast pace, that you need to let the younger generation take over; To boast about never sending an e-mail just makes you look like a fool to most everybody).   He has no real feel for how to promote and marked the best game in the world.   I will be we will see a resurgence in Baseball in a few years once he retires).

Note – For the 1st time in years, Average Andy is actually having a good year in Fantasy Baseball (It the playoff discussion in all my leagues).

I have pre-ordered the new Fish album and am looking forward to receiving it some time in August / September.   It set me back a few pounds but his albums never disappoint.   Fish is the ex lead singer of the still fantastic band Marillion) who is from Scotland.   Also waiting for info on the new Boston album.

Note – Here are the few artist the AverageAndy will still put out some cash for a new album;  Marillion / Fish, Boston, U2, and Iron Maiden.

I have been trying to listen to newer stuff (both soft rock / coffee house style and current pop).   Will listen to the Spectrum (when alone) and Sirius Hits 1 (when with my daughter) on SiriusXM radio

Speaking of SiriusXM – Have really been enjoying Even Cohen and Steve Phillips in the morning on my way to work.   Once the dopey NBA Season ended, they have been very entertaining talking about the world of sports.   Through in the very funny Mike Babchick and its a great listen

Had a great time camping and canoeing down the Delaware River last weekend with some great friends.  This was the 4th annual trip, and I hope there are many more. Want to thank one friend who went out of his way and rented a car just to make the trip.

Few more

Just got a call for my 25th College reunion next May.  Where has the time gone. Seems like just yesterday I made the trek back to Old South Mountain for my 20th reunion.    Looking forward to reunion and the 150th Lehigh / Lafayette game being played next year at Yankee Stadium.  Good year to be a Mountain Hawk / Engineer / Brown and White (Lookup Lehigh mascots on wikipedia)

Will be heading to my 1st ever Survivor Open Casting Call this weekend.   As you know, I have been a fan of Survivor since it premiered, and have submitted audition videos over the years.   Looking forward to actually seeing my competition for the upcoming seasons.   To anybody who actually reads this – wish me luck

Well thats it for now.  There is plenty more I would like to write, but work is a calling

Hope everybody is having a great summer, and looking forward to writing again soon


We are all just sugar mice in the rain


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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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