Have a Happy July 4th

Just want to wish everybody out there a safe and happy July 4th holiday.  Take some time off and spend it with family and friends

Finding the CBS mini-series Under the Dome interesting, but having a tough time with some of it since I have read the book.   Kind of the same feeling I got with all of the Harry Potter Movies.    Shows how hard it is to make a movie or TV show based on a book.  There  are times when I’m thinking “why did he or she do that, thats not what they did in the book”.   Also, when reading a book, I form an opinion of a character and how I belive they look and act.  Then in the adaptation, when they do things different, it kind of messes with your head.

Big Brother (also on CBS) is entertaining as usual.   Don’t know why I enjoy it so much.  Just find it fascinating year after year

A bid shout out to C.J. McCollum becoming the 1st Backetball player from Lehigh to be taken in the NBA Draft last week.  Not a big NBA fan (actaully dont enjoy it at all).  But I like the college game, and wish him the best with the Trail Blazers.   Anything that can put Lehigh on the map is good

Mets are playing some better ball.  Still a strange team, and not sure if the future is good or bad.  Will be interesting to see how things play out the rest of the year and this off-season

Will be hitting the links this weekend for the 1st time (the down side of no longer working for a company that sponsors a golf league).  Hopefully I don’t butcher things to bad

Thats all for now

Will write again soon








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