Thoughts for early June

Hard to believe we are already 1/2 way through June.   The weather here in the North East has been so up and down, it still doesn’t feel like summer.  Hopefully things straighten out and we get a good stretch of nice warm weather.

Nothing new and earth shattering going on.    Finally time to give up on the Mets.  I held on as long as I could, but they are just awful.  I said it before and will continue to say it – Terry Collins need to go (now that he was named a coach at the All-Star Game, I guess we are stuck with him for a while longer).   He has shown nothing over the last few years that makes me feel he will ever lead this team to any sort of winning record.  I know people keep giving excuses (and that what it is; excuse after excuse) that he doesn’t have the players or the talent to win.  That is just bullshit, and a quitters attitude.   People make it seem that every other team is full of All-Starts, and the poor Mets just don’t have the talent to compete.  But just wait until next year.  Terry needs to go (and I would trade David Write in a heartbeat – 7+ years and he has never made 1 player better, in face they all have gotten worse)

Been a lot of crazy baseball games (including both the Mets and Yankees playing 18 innings plus)   Baseball is still the best sport out there.

Quick Thoughts

Thinking of hitting an Open Casting Call for Survivor in July.
Going to pre-order the new Fish album on his website.
Finally broke down and bought a new lawnmower.

Enjoyed to 1st 2 episodes of Falling Skys
Excited about the new Bad News Bears Trading cards include in Paninis new set
Looking forward to Big Brother
Almost finished with 11/22/1963  (have a stack of books I need to get to next)


Take care



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