Its summer time

As the temperatures reach the 90s, it is actually beginning to feel like summer.   Hopefully we have a string of nice days for everybody here in the NYC area

Big confidence booster for the NY Met’s (Sweeping away the Yankees in the Sub Way Series).  Hopefully this will carry over for the next 3 games against an awful Miami Team.  If the Met’s really want to get back into the mix, they need to take all 3 games (In the past, these are the games that John Franco or Armando Benitez would blow in the 9th;  Lets see what Bobby Parnell is made of).

If you think about it, Ike Davis’s 2 run single on Sunday against the Braves (after Dan Ugglas’ 2 run blast had put the Braves up by a run), night end up being the biggest his of his  career.    If the Mets loose that game for a 3 game sweep, I have no doubt they weekly limp into the Subway Series and probably get wept themselves.   Ike (and the equally if not more awful Ruben Tejada) are probably sent to Las Vegas and Terry Collins is sent packing as well.

Will be an interesting next few days to see which direction the team goes, but for 4 days the Met fans had a great ride and one that will be remembered for a long time

Got a chance to see the new Star Trek movie a few weeks back.  I actually enjoyed it.  There were some issues (J. J Abrams likes to much to put his stamp on things) but all  and all I had a good time.    Will probably get together with friend to see the new Superman movie when it comes out.

Hope everybody had a good Memorial Day weekend and have some fun and exciting plans for the summer.   Will be taking some vacation my self  (heading down to Oak Island in August), as well as some day trips to the shore (both NJ an DE).

Thanks for listening (technically its reading)


PS – Be sure to check out Marrillion’s new DVD “Clocks Already Ticking” – Set a new world record breaking for fastest time from show to DVD.  Its available for purchase at the bands web site (

PSS – Looking forward to both “Under the Dome” and the new season of Big Brother on CBS



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