Thoughts for the day

Though I would update the blog with a few thoughts

Don’t know why I’m not super upset with the news about Matt Harvey.  Maybe because the Mets have been so irrelevant  for the past few years that it really doesn’t matter.   If they had been in the pennant race, I would have cared much more.

As far as looking forward, I heard a few announcers say how outclassed the Mets were this weekend against the Tigers.  I know things can change relatively quickly, but what makes everybody think that the Mets with Matt Harvey were all of a sudden going to be a great team next years.  It takes a few years of improving (See the Pirate’s or the A’s who have been getting better for the last few years) to become a contending team.  The Mets have just been squandering around.   If it were up to me, I would get rid of Terry Collins now, and try to trade David Write in the offseason.   Get rid of any attachment to the past few years that have been no basically a waste of time

Not much on the TV or Movie front.  Its been kind of a blah summer.  No movies really hit me (The ones I saw were OK, nothing more), and other than the Food Network, no summer shows kept my attention (Although  I did enjoy Falling Skies, if that is considered a summer show).    Looking forward to the start of the fall season.

Lehigh Football starts with a home game against Central Connecticut State on September 7th.   Hopefully the team can get off to a good start, with a goal of getting back to the play-offs.    And speaking of Lehigh Football, congratulations to Ryan Spadola who may make the NY Jets.   Would be a great boost to the program.   We might even have a day where both Spadola and CJ McCullum play in professional games on the same day.

Will try to write about Survivor once it starts again in a few weeks.  Been purposely avoiding reading anything about this year as I want to go in with a clean slate.  Also looking forward to the Amazing Race.    Still two of the best shows on TV

Getting ready for the next Philly Non-Sports Card Show in September.  Should be a lot of fun.

Also enjoying the new Topps Allen and Ginter set.

Found out that each year there is contest in the form of a hidden code in the cards with a grand prize of all autograph cards.   Read about the past few years, and find it fascinating.  Always enjoyed codes and puzzles like this (remember “The Secret of the Gold Horse” from year ago).   Will be following along to see who solves the code, and how they did it.

Thats it for now

In the words of the great Casey Kasem

“Keep your feet on the ground, and reach for the stars”


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