Short but Sweet

As promised, I will write at least every Thursday.

Good week of episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race (although, like my dad, I am not a big fan of the Non-Elimination weeks).    Someday Average Andy will be on one of these shows instead of writing about them (and will probably love the Non-Elimination week)

Good win for the Mets last night with a Walk of Grand Slam (although the the score was tied, so s single would have been as good as a HR).   Debated with a buddy as to if Collins should have left Harvey in the game (let  him bat with 1st and 3rd in the bottom of the 6th).  I say let him hit, more just to keep him pitching in the game.   Not like they were getting blown out at the time (down by only 2 in the 6th).  I think showing some confidence in Harvey would be worth more than worrying about what the book says for a mediocre team this early in the season.

Saw “The Place Behind the Pines” last weekend and really enjoyed it.  Kind of interesting how I seem to enjoy the story based movies much more than the big Action Blockbusters.  I will be going to see Star Trek, and probably a few other of the summers big movies, but will keep my eye open for the smaller independent types as well

Hope to write more

Cool Beans

PS – Saw that the new Boston and new Fish albums will be coming out soon.  Looking forward to both and will have some reviews once they are released


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