As promised

Its Thursday, and as I mentioned last week, I will try to write on my blog at least every Thursday.

It was a crazy (and scary week).   As for the bombings at the Boston Marathon, all I have to say is I wonder what goes through somebody’s head as they are planning something like this.   When they wake up in the morning, are they thinking that today I will do something that the whole world will remember me for, or do they have no thoughts at all.

On a sadder note, just saw there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas with at least 5 dead and 180 injured.   I say sadder not only because of the loss of life and injuries, but that this will be a 5 minute story compared to the endless days about the Boston Marathon.  I wonder if the president will have a press conference and give his condolences to the people who have suffered.   This town in Texas will suffer just as much as Boston, (if not more, and we shouldn’t forget that).   Just because it wasn’t some sort of attack doesn’t diminish the horror and pain the families must be going through.

To lighten things up a bit, it was another stellar episode of   Survivor last night.   The tribal councils have really been crazy this season.    Was debating with a friend if Malcom should have gambled and not played his idol (and through Eddie under the bus).   Would you rather be down 2 – 7 but with and idol, or 3 – 6 but without one.   Its a great debate.  I guess w will have to watch to see how things play out

Crazy week for the Mets.    Playing in the rain and snow if both Minnesota and Colorado.   I ma still pissed they blew the 2nd game of the DH against the Rockies.   I know the Mets are not supposed to be a great team this year, but you still cant loose that game.   I hate when they make excuses such as “well, what did you expect, were told you we were not going to be good”, or “It was hard to grip the ball in this weather”.    Just shut up and play.  And if you can’t handle the adversity, then you shouldn’t be on the team making millions of dollars.

“The Following” and “Revolution” are both awful shows that I somehow got suckered into watching.   Why oh why cant somebody take some of these very interesting stories and put together a intelligent show around them instead of making everybody (good guys, police, ..) all act like the dumbest people on the planet.  Is is supposed to make the viewer think better about themselves since everybody on these shows is so stupid.

Time to make the donuts (or in my case get back to work)



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