A little late

Its Friday here on the East Coast and here are some thought and ideas for the upcoming weekend

Another addition of The Amazing Race comes to to an end this Sunday on CBS.   Its been a very enjoyable season.   Still love seeing all the different places the team get to experience on their trip around the world.   Did make me feel a bit old at times when team had trouble remembering things that happened “as far back as JFK and Ronald Regan” while in Germany.  I guess I’m rooting for the 2 hockey guys to win

Another great episode of Survivor.   Half the fun is texting with my buddy after the show as to how stupid the contestants are to not realize things.   When I’m a contestant and have an idol, I’m playing it the following tribal counsel no matter what.   Don’t know if I could every live down having an idol and not using it.  Play the game day to day as you never know what can happen.    Routing for John Cochran to take home the prize.

Will be heading out to Allentown, PA this Sunday for the spring Philly Non-Sport Card show ( http://phillynon-sportscardshow.com/).  Always look forward to attending the Philly Show to see some friends and pick up the free promos given out.  Hopefully will also find a box of something to take home.  Should be a lot of fun

Stayed up way to late the other night watching the Mets lose a heart breaker in Miami.  They are not a good team this year, but am getting annoyed at there effort.   Gotta at least try.  Might be time for Terry Collins to go.  The team is not getting his message.  And truthfully, what has he done the 2 plus years here.  He has talked a good game, but the team continue to under achieve (I hate excuses, and feel he accepts way to many).    And it may be time to realize that David Write (while a good player  does not make those around him better and is really not a championship player to build a team around.   Don’t know if I would go so far as trade him, but he needs to feel a little pressure on him instead of all the praise he gets for a few kind of good years

Have some feeler out to a friend about All-Star Game Tickets at Citi Field this summer.   Went to the All-Star Game in Minnesota in the 80’s with my dad and its still one of my favorite memories.  Back then it was just the game (no home run contest or 5 day Fan Fest event).

Movie season kicks off with Iron Man 3  (Set my DVR for Iron Man as I haven’t seen any of them).  For whatever reason, never got into all the Super Hero Movies.

Loved seeing  Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on last weeks HOMYM.

Only 2 more episodes of 90210 left.   Was a fan of the original  and really enjoyed the new one on the CW.  A very  underrated show and I wish all involved the best going forward.  Much better than a bunch of the junk out there

Also only 2 episodes of Touch  remain (don’t think its coming back next season, so will have to see how things wrap up).  Tim Kring makes some interesting shows (He also did Heros).   Can get a little of track at times, but gives you some great episodes that make it worth the watch.

Hopefully will get back on track next week


PS – Pro Basket Ball is the dumbest sport out there.  How anybody can watch it and actually enjoy it is beyond me.  But hey, to each his own


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