First post of 2013

Hope everybody’s new year is off to a good start.    Mine is a little slow as Average Andy is still unemployed and looking for work.  There are opportunities out there, and hopefully I’ll land something soon.

One thing that has been keeping me optimistic is the following blog (   The author Jia Jiang is doing rejection therapy and documenting himself along the way.   It is really motivating to watch him see out rejections.   What I find most amazing is that most people are willing to help him instead of reject him.  Check out his journey if you get a chance.

With the NY Football Giants missing out on the NFL play-offs this year, I find myself not caring who wins or looses.  Sure I watch some, but not as much as when its the Giants, or seeing who will be playing the following week.  On the positive side, with the 2014 Super Bowl being played at Met Life Stadium, it was unrealistic to think the Giants would win back to back to back Super Bowls.  So they took this year off and will be back next year to become the 1st team to play a Superbowl in their home stadium.

Only a few more weeks until Pitches and Catchers start reporting for spring training.   Don’t know what to expect from the Mets this year.   Hopefully they can get off to a decent start since the 2013 All -Star Game is being played at Citi Field.   Would be nice to have the team still relevent at the time of the game.

Lehigh Basketball took a major blow when our star player C. J. McCollum broke his foot against VCU right before the Patriot League season started.   He will be out 8 weeks or so.  Hopefully the team can stay in the hunt for the League Title (It was going to be a 2 team race between Lehigh and Bucknell).  Would be a shame if Lehigh were unable to return to the NCAA Tournament after last years victory over Duke.

Survivor returns in February with another Fans vs. Favorites season.  Dont like to follow too much before the season airs, but I did see the list of Favorites who will be returning.   Dont want to spoil things here, so all I will say is there are a few I think deserve to return, but some I don’t even remember, and some would not make my list.  As a life long fan who still dreams of making it onto the show one day, it does get a little frustrating that so many players are now getting 2nd and 3rd chances, while fans like me are wondering what it takes just to get past the video submission.

Kind of like looking for a job.  In this day and age, everything seems to resolve around networking (who you know, and how well you interact with people, and how well you can sell your self).   These are not my greatest skills, so I am working on them to make my self better.   (Writing this blog helps, as well as watching things like the blog I mentioned above).

Time to make a few calls, and respond to a few e-mails

Warm Beans

Average Andy


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