Alive and Well

Hello to all

Average Andy is still alive and doing well.  Much has changed over the past few months, but now its time to start writing again

First up, I have a new job.  I am now employed as a Data Protection Engineer (Symantec NetBackup) for NBCUniversal.  Been here for a little over a month and really enjoying it.  Its different from my last position in that there is more freedom to get things done.  Also lots of opportunity to learn new and exciting things.

Now for a little run down of things on my mind;

Wednesday is Survivor night (Yes, still enjoy watching every week).   This season has been OK. (Not a big fan of bringing back previous players so soon, and I really never need to see a another Hantz on Survivor or any other show).  Now that the tribes have merged it should get more interesting to see how all the alliances play out.   Also been watching the Amazing Race.  Still one of the best shows on, with the added bonus of seeing and learning about places around the world.  Makes you realize just how small the US is.

I am getting annoyed (or simply tired) of shows such as “The Following” where they make you bend belief so far that I becomes impossible to watch.   When the police and FBI are portrayed as the dumbest people on the planet, it just kind  of ruins things.  Add to that that every person they introduce is bad, and you get yourself non watchable TV

Turning to the world of sports.   Lehigh Basketball had a great season considering we lost our star player to injury for the last 1/2 season.  Were not able to make it back to the NCAAs but the team should hold their heads up high.

Looking forward to Baseball starting this weekend.  Lets see if the Mets can get off to a nice start this hear to give me a few months of believing.   You never know which team is going to surprise everybody, so why not the Mets.

Will be back soon with thoughts on some of the Summer Movies, as well as other random thoughts.

Until then,

Stay Gold 



About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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