Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The last few months have been tough for Average Andy.   I was let go from my job of 12+ years due to a reorganization / restructuring.   I enjoyed working there and wish all my friends still there the best of luck.   But we all must move on, so now its now on to bigger and better things.   As an IT professional there are many opportunities out there, and eventually AverageAndy will land back on his feet.

In the meantime, I still managed to watch both the Amazing Race and Survivor and really enjoyed both shows this season.  Was extremely happy that the Goat Farmers won the Amazing Race.   Was rooting for them as well as James and Jaymes, so it was a satisfying ending.   As for Survivor, I wasn’t a big Denise fan.  Would have preferred to see Lisa (I am old enough to remember her on Facts of Life) or Skupin (Still remember when he fell in the fire in Survivor Australia) win.    Have to admit I was a little sad when the vote was revealed.

Submitted my video again for Survivor a few weeks back.  I will continue to submit them with the hope of eventually getting a call.   I see that the next season will be another Fan vs. Favorites.  While I enjoy seeing returning players, it still makes me a little upset that there a people who get to play Survivor 2, 3, or 4 times while there are people like me who would give anything for the chance to play just once.  But I will continue to keep watching and applying.

Along a different, but related line, I have seen a few episodes of the Jeff Probst show and have to admit I really enjoy Jeff as a host.  He comes across as a very genuine and caring person, and I wish him and the show well.

I really enjoyed the show when Mark Cuban was a guest.   I think Mark is an extremely smart and interesting guy and would love a few minutes to simply pick his brain on thought about things from Sports to business to the world in general.    I also enjoyed the recent episode with Jia Jiang.  He started a blog to try and get 100 rejections from all types of people; (  Everybody who ever had a fear of rejection, or want to see that most people are willing to say yes and help instead of saying no should check it out.   It has been a shot in the arm for me as I look for my next job

In the world of sports, the NY Giants are again making things difficult.  Don’t know which team will show up each week.  Hopefully the good Giants show up this week against Baltimore so week 17 will mean something.   Lehigh Basketball is off to another good start.  It’s going to come down to Lehigh or Bucknell again for the Patriot League automatic berth.

As far as music, I am really enjoying the annual Marillion Christmas CD (Big thanks to the band for showing their appreciation to the fans every year).  I also listened to some Dave Brubeck last week.  I was never a big fan of Jazz, but have to admit it makes some nice background music while cooking dinner or relaxing by the fire.

In closing, if anybody out there is looking for a  knowledgeable and motivated IT professional with a passion for sports and music, I’m right here (NJ NY area).  I also recently talked to somebody who said they were going to work at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.  Sounded great and would love that opportunity if anybody is working or knows of any possible openings.

Want to wish everybody wonderful Holiday and a safe and healthy New Year and I promise to write more in 2013

Stay Gold

Warm Beans

Average Andy


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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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