Another week gone by

Its Friday again.   Sorry it took a while for this post

Had a great time last weekend (Sunday) at the Chiller Theater convention in Parsippany, NJ.    It was fun to go and see some actors / actress / celebrities from the past.

Saw Robert Romanus (Damone) from Fast Times at Rigemont High, and both Andrew Cassese (Wormser) and Larry B. Scott (Lamar) from “Revenge of the Nerds”, as well as both Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) of  “Brady Bunch” Fame

The biggest line was for Ernest Borgnine.    He looked like he was having a fun time meeting and greeting with the attendees

The highlight for me was the 40th Anniversary reunion of  the kids from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.   I even got a picture of myself with Charlie Bucket himself Peter Ostum.   As a life long fan of the movie, it was a thrill to actually get to meet him.

Here are a few pictures.   Will try to get some more up tonight.

Charlie Bucket

"I got a golden ticket"










Fast Times at Rigemont High

Mike Damone










In other news, still trying to get my Satellite radio to work.  Replaced the car adapter but still having issues.   Bought a new antenna from Amazon and will see if that is the issue

And finally some reality TV updates

the season finale of Amazing Race is this Sunday.   Its been a fun season with old teams coming back, but I am looking forward to new team for Amazing Race 19.   unfortunately AverageAndy and his sister were not chosen for Season 19 despite a stellar video  (Will get it posted at some point).     We will be hard at work making a new video for Season 20.  If anybody reads this who knows somebody, or has an in with the Amazing Race producers or casting directors, feel free to send me e-mail or post a reply.

Also only 2 episodes of Survivor: redemption Island are left.    Really enjoying this season.   Also watching Jeff Prost’s Video Blogs after each episode.   Gives a great but different perspective on the show and the game.   And I like watching the videos of Ponderosa on  (the contestants kicked off, but on the jury)

I sent in my application video back in January, and have not heard anything regarding the upcoming seasons.   Will continue to send them in until I get the call.   Again if anybody has any insights / contacts regarding Survivor, forward them my way

Need to finish some things up and get ready for the weekend

Wishing all mothers out there a very happy Mothers Day on Sunday.    Enjoy your day.



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  1. Jim says:

    The Event was great and Andy was in his element – Thanks for thinking of us Andy… 🙂


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