I’m still here

Sorry to all who have been waiting for some new updates.   Things have been busy lately,  making it tough for me to post some updates

I’m looking forward to the summer.   Have a bunch of different trips planed, all of which should be a lot of fun.

I will try to post some pictures along the way

Some brief thought

Glad to see that The Amazing Race has been renewed for another 2 seasons.    I never heard back from the producers regarding my application for Season 19.    Will work on getting a video sent in for Season 20.   Got keep the faith

Also noticed they changed the application process for Survivor.    It looks like all applications  / videos will now be submitted on-line.    Will let you know when they open things up for the nest seasons

As for the NY Mets.    They are a fun and exciting team to watch this year.   Even after last nights heartbreaking loss on a walk of balk (after K-Rod again blew a save when it mattered;  He is great (lile the last string of Mets closer’s) until that one game that could really get the Mets on a roll.  (Usually its a Friday night home game with a big crowd).   But this team has shown the ability to bounce back from tough losses all season, so hopefully they can put together a good home stand against the AL West    (Angles, As).

Saw “Super 8” and really enjoyed it.    Reminded me of the summer movies I saw when I was younger, before all the tie ins and marketing have made the summer blockbusters more of giant advertisements for franchises and future sequels.  If you get the chance, give it a try.

More to come….



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