Some random thoughts for the week

My Sirius Radio (an old S50) stopped working on Thursday.  The radio works by itself, but cannot receive satellite signals.  After some troubleshooting looks like it may be the car dock that is bad.   Since the S50 was discontinued years ago, had to buy a new car dock off of E-Bay.   Hopefully this is the issue

Also, since the S50 is so old,  the software needed to update the firmware is not supported past Windows XP.   Was happy to see that for Windows 7, Microsoft offers a XP Virtual Desktop for free (with USB support).    Set this up, and was able to install and access the software.

Will be attending the Chiller convention this weekend. Never been, but decided to see what an event like this is all about.  Also am a huge fan of the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, and the chance to see all the kids 40 years later simply intrigues me.

Survivor Redemption Island is getting to the end (Finale is May 15th).   Another great season.   I am also really enjoying Jeff Probts’ Video Blogs posted on his site Take a look if you are a fan of the show.   Also be sure to check our the videos for Ponderosa.

I know it’s still early, but the Mets losing to the Washington Nationals last night made me mad.  I know they aren’t going to run off 20 wins in a row, but the Nationals are no good, and they could have arrived in Philadelphia an a really good roll.   They need to take 2 out of 3 before returning to CITI Field next week.

Hope everybody has some fun and exciting things lined up for the Summer.  Be sure to take some time off and enjoy it with friends and family.

More to come





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  1. Jeff (Jim's cousin) says:

    looking for thos pics & updates on our excursion to CHILLER!!!!!


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