Another Friday

So I have calmed down from last week.  Still think its crazy that people read way to much into things.   Kids need to be able to make their own decisions and not have their parents determine what is good / bad for them.    Parents can help by providing  guidance, and spend more time explaining things.   But by restricting things they will probably cause more harm in the long run

Want to state again how much I am enjoying this season of Survivor.    Love Redemption Island, and hope it’s here to stay.   Really gives the show a new feel

Still waiting to hear from both Survivor and the Amazing Race regarding my applications.    Hopefully they haven’t completed casting yet and I still have a chance.    Anybody out in cyberspace who has any connections with casting (Lynne Spillman are you listening),  I’m ready unleash Average Andy to the world.

Have lots planned the next few weeks.   Will be taking in Dennis DeYoung doing the music of Styx this Saturday.  Also have my Rotisarie Baseball Draft coming up  (Can’t wait for Baseball Season to start next Thursday).   Also getting ready for the Masters in a few weeks, as this when I finally feel its spring time.

That’s it for now, but check back soon for more.   Also let me know of any topics of interest you want me to cover and I will do my best

On last thing

Check out for a different spin on movie reviews.


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