Looking forward…

Spring is in the air.   Have a lot of things planned the next few weekends (Roto Baseball Draft, hanging with friends).  Hopefully will also find some time to get started on some yard work. 

Was happy to see Nate Appleman win Food Networks Chopped All Star Challenge.   Chopped is becoming one of my favorite Food Network shows.

Still havent heard back from CBS on my recent Survivor and Amazing Race Applications.    But not giving up hope as you never can tell.   One of these time they will look at my application, and realize I am a perfect match for the show.

CBS is doing the tweet thing all this week with host tweeting live about the shows.    I have read Jeff Probs tweets about Survivor on Facebook (after watching the show) and find them a solid addition with some really good observations and information.    Will be interesting to see what Phil Keoghan does this week on the Amazing Race

Looking forward to the Masters this week as well.   Got a feeling somebody who has been around a while might pull out the victory.   Average Andy always roots for Craig Stadler  (This marks the 29th year of his 1982 win and getting the Green Jacket) 

As always, will try and write more when I get the chance.    If anybody has any topics they want my take or opinion on, leave a comment and let me know.


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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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