Friday morning rant

First, it’s not the same watching the NCAA tournament without the Lehigh Mountain Hawks or Seton Hall Pirates.

Second, Survivor is great this season as usual.   I am actually really enjoying  Redemption Island and hope they bring it back for future seasons.    I really have no interest in following Jeff Probts as he tweets each episode, but each his own, and hope he does well with it

So here is my Friday morning Rant.

This may become a weekly post if things continue to annoy me like below

So driving to work today, they were talking on the radio (99.9 The Hawk out of PA) about how parents are no longer allowing their young children to watch fairy tales (Mostly old Disney movies).  The parent state that when you strip them down, they are very violent, and also usually portray situations that are not that happy.    A caller mentioned  Snow White and how the witch tries to killer her with a poison apple.  This can scare little kids.   The cited some other examples as well

What king of kids did our parents raise that come up with these thoughts.    Why do people have to take everything so literal.   I watched Snow White (and read the story) when I was little.   It might have been a little scary at a young age (don’t really remember), but not to the fact that I wished my parent would have banned me from watching.   We are going down a bad road and will have a generation of kids who will be so sheltered that they will not be able to handle reality

I am still mad over this, and will write some more later


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