Alexander Adam (1965 – 2023)

Very sad to hear of the passing of my cousin Alex after a battle with cancer. He was a great guy and a great father to his 2 kids. He fought hard after a stroke and then the cancer diagnosis. But it was just too much and he passed last week with his family at his side.

After hanging out with all my cousins when we were young, we all eventually went our separate ways, and Alex ended up living in Hilton Head SC, and working at the Walt Disney Hilton Head Resort. Years later as fate would have it, my family ended up taking vacations to Hilton Head Island, as my In-Laws had a time share there. We were able to catch up with Alex each time we went, and enjoyed spending time with him and his 2 sons. We were also luck to meet up with him a few times at my Aunts house down on the NJ shore. Were great times and always left with great memories.

He is survived by my Aunt Sandy, and his 2 brothers (my cousins) Bobby and Marc

Alexander Adam (1965 – 2023)

Rest in Peace Alex, you will be missed


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