Time for some updates (And My The 4th Be With You)

Just want to acknowledge the passing of the great singer / songwriter Gordon Lightfoot at the age of 84. I’m sure everybody has heard some of his songs over the years. Here is a video for “Sundown” Take some time to give him a listen and just enjoy the music he created. He will be missed.

The New York Mets are off to a slow start — They have been up and down and the weather has played havoc on there schedule making it tough to get into a groove. I know their starting pitching has been very poor — From both the big time acquisitions Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander to the usually reliable middle of the order (Kodai Senga, Tylor Megill, and others who are not hurt), the have found themselves down early in almost every game and needing to claw their way back. But it is a long season, and they do have a talented lineup that should click in and be able to score runs. I do hope they do not panic to much and make some instinctive moves. Will check back in after 50 games to see where they stand.


Here is the latest on the TV Shows I have been watching:

Star Trek Picard: – Finished and though the season was great.
Rabbit Hole: – As I keep saying, you go wrong with Keifer Sutherland
CSI: Vegas: – Doing a great job of continuing the franchise
The Blacklist: – Getting closer to the end.
The Mandalorian: – Moving up (still on list to start soon)
The Accused: – Highly Recommended – Some real interesting stories
Not Dead Yet: – Solid start and continues to makes me laugh – Need really need some more comedies

The Last Thing He Told Me (Apple TV) — Was a big Alias fan and glad to see Jennifer Garner backin an action role — And loved the Victor Garber cameo

Fatal Attraction — Big fan of both Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan

Bubkis – Pete Davidson is funny (as well as this show)

9:11 / 9:11 Lone Star: – Catching up on both of these

A Million Little Things – Going to do a marathon and finish the final season


And of course Survivor

Its been an interesting and for the most part entertaining season so far. I do things kinds of tailed off after the frantic start where the production team were throwing out idols and advantages as fast as they could in hopes of some big pay-offs. Unfortunately for the viewing audience, things have not panned out as expected. The idols and advantages have not become a big part of the game. Add to that that players now seem to know what twists and challenges are coming (event to the point of 3D printing the puzzles at home before the show and practicing so that they can eastly be completed). This tends to make the game a bit underwhelming. Also, as I have stated before, some of the players seem to be playing more like its a vacation, then if it were a game for 1 Million Dollars. Still really enjoying the dynamics of how people interact and strategize. Just wish there was a way to push them a bit. Maybe bring back some of those challenges where you are forced to pick other players to be eliminated from the challenge. These always forced peoples hands to show there true allegiances. And also, I know its a thing these days (at least for the younger Survivor fans), but we get that Matt and Frannie like each other. But we saw more shots of Matt on the Jury last week then some of the players still in the game.

Despite all this, I’m still a huge fan of watching and still dream of playing to see what its really like. Will be submitting my application for the next round of casting and continue to hope #NeverToOldForSurvivor #GiveMeAChance

And finally, will be heading to Montreal next weekend for the Marillion Weekend 2023 – Canada. This will be my first Marillion Weekend and really looking forward to it. Will be 3 great nights of music hanging out with family and friends. Will post a full recap once I’m back home in the USA

Here are a few Marillion Videos to kick things off




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