Where did the time go

Looking and seeing that the last time I wrote anything was over 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t seem possible that that much time had passed but here we are, a week into November, with the Holiday season coming up fast; Holiday decorations are starting to show up in stores, and pop up on peoples houses. Starbucks has switched to its Holiday themed drinks and cups. Pumpkin Spice which was all the rage is no so yesterday.

Sine I last wrote, the NY Football Giants lost to Seattle and the had their by week. The pick things up again this Sunday, home against the Houston Texans and should be able to win and get to 7 – 2. While things are looking up for the Giants, the same can not be said about the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. Its been a tough year with some tough losses. Hopefully they will find some magic an beat Lafayette in the 158th game between the two teams which is college footballs most played rivalry

Once the Mets were eliminated from the play-offs, I kind of tuned out the rest of the way. Besides the Mets losing, other teams that I follow like the Red Sox, Twins, and Pirates didn’t even make the play-offs). I was happy for several friends and relatives who are big Phillies fans who got to experience the World Series even though they ran out of steam and got beat by the Houston Astros. Not were into the off-season and will wait and see what the Mets do to try to better their team for 2023. As a side note, I had one of my worst Rotisserie Baseball seasons in years finishing last and now having to supply lunch for everybody at our 2023 draft.

Me and a friend finally decided it was time, and purchased tickets to the 2023 Marillion Weekend in L’Olympia Montreal. Marillion have been doing fan weekends since 2002 (Most of them in Europe, with a few in Montreal). The timing is right so we will be heading north in May for 3 nights of Marillion music. This will be the 1st Weekend I have attended and it should be a lot of fun.

Its Wednesday, which means it time for Survivor. I have really enjoyed this season as far a the production. Lots of cool challenges and twists. As I noted after Dalton Ross’s las EW Update, it seems that a lot of this seasons contestants are to happy with being votes off. They seem to be treating this as a cool vacation. I mentioned this as being a bit strange, since all of the things I have read and heard about applying is that they are looking for people who will play hard and try to win. Survivor casting director Jesse Tannenbaum even said in one of his Instagram videos, that if you you are just looking to get out of the house or take a break from work / life, and Survivor seems like it would be a fun thing to do while you try and figure things out, your not what were looking for and you might as well just go camping. I would love to be a contestant on Survivor for may reasons, from being able to push myself physically and mentality, to the fascination of the group and individual dynamics. It would be much more than just a free vacation to me.

While I am still waiting for the call from the producers (I submitted my application back in September), I am already thinking of ideas for my next application. I have joined a few Zoom calls with past contestants like Parvati Shallow and Adam Klein and may need to reach back out to them for some tricks and tips. I also am grateful for the encouragement and support I have receive from Chrissy Hofbeck on LinkedIn who has given me the confidence to continue applying and chasing my dream.

More to come



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