Philly Non-Sports Show – Fall 2022

Had a great time at the Philly Non-Sports Show last weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks. The show is the east coasts premier event for non-sport and entertainment trading card collectors. Its always, a fun time, I was able to catch up with fellow collectors and dealers, and pick a bunch of free promos, as well as a few autograph cards to fill in some gaps in my collections

I big shout out to Marlin, Roxanne, and Harris Toser for keeping the show running year after year (Believe this was the 77th show, at at least 5 different locations), I have attended at least 1 day of every show (2 times per year) going back at least 20 years. One of the highlights for me is the red border show exclusive promo cards that are given out each show as part of an entrance promo pack. Starting with card #1 ( Frank & Phyllis Reighter Co-Sponsors), the set is now up to card #117 (Ted Dastik Jr). There are also a few error cards (misspellings, misprints) and a few dealer exclusives (Need to send a SESE). Besides all the ones I have got by attending the shows, I have been able to track down all the earlier cards and have a near complete set (I have heard there is a un-numbered card that was before card #1). Also something I have been doing is getting the cards signed (if possible) by the dealers, artists, and collectors during the show. I’m guessing I have around 75 auto graphed cards. I am currently going through everything to get an official count.

Jeff Allenders House of Checklists – Philly Non-Sports Show Promos

Here are a few of the other promos / cards / autographs that I picked up at the show.

Lots of other stuff happened during the last week (Survivor, Amazing Race, Giants Football, Baseball Playoffs. Will be back later to post my observations and thoughts on these and other things on my mind

Happy Monday – Hope everybody had a great weekend and wishing you all a great week ahead. Take some time to talk to family and friends, listen to music, read a book, or enjoying your favorite pastime / hobby.

Keep Smiling



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