June 2022 Update

Been sort of a crazy last few weeks so haven’t really had the time, or the desire to write anything for a while. But now things have calmed down, I’m feeling good and motivated to write on this blog

One the top of the list is a big congratulations to my daughter who put in a lot of time and effort the last 4 years and graduated from Pratt University in Brooklyn NY with a BA in Filmmaking. For here finale thesis project, she had to make a short film. At a showing on campus, it was a big hit with family, friends, students and faculty. She did a great job as one of the few women and held her own during the post viewing Q&A. Now she’s ready to face the world and use what she learned to become a world class film editor. Looking forward to see what she can do.

I took a trip down to The Philly Non-Sports Card Show at to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks on May 22. One of the premier Non-Sports shown in the country, it was a lot of fun, and I got to see some of my fellow dealers and collector. The new location (this was the 2nd show here after years at the Merchant Square Mall in Allentown) is much nicer, with more room to walk around. Was able to pick up a bunch of promo and insert cards that I needed. Right now the trading card industry is booming which is both good and bad. Good because card values are going up and up which is good if you want to sell, especially sealed boxes of older sets but bad because it is becoming harder to afford things that I used to be able to pick up for fun. Will be interesting to see where the Non-Sport Hobby goes over the next few years. All in all it was a good time, I got some cool cards, and I am already looking forward to the next show in October 2022

Really liked how one of my favorite shows, “The Black List“, ended the season and I am happy it will be retuning for its 10 season in the fall. Was actually shocked that they killed off Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens) at the end. But thinking about it, this is one of the things that makes the show so good. By continuing to move forward and bringing in new characters and letting old characters go, it keeps the show fresh and exciting

I watched all episodes of Strange Things Season 4 / Part 1 and really enjoyed it. While it was a little disjointed (multiple story lines going on), it did end on a high note and I am looking forward to Part 2 in July. The show is very well done, with just enough pop-culture references to remind you that it takes place in the 80s, while making it feel new and relevant. Following up on card collecting, TOPPS did release card sets for Seasons 1 and 2. I have some cool cards (autographs / relics) and wish they had continues with Season 3 and 4. Was looking to pick up a box of these, but the going rate is around $250.00 for a sealed box ,compared to $75 – $100 a few years back during the pandemic.

After some time off, I got back to posting a random song of the day from my ITunes Library. Hopefully I will be able keep it going forward. Its funny how something that takes a minute or two to do, becomes a huge task if you have to do it day after day.

Saw “Top Gun: Maverick” and really enjoyed it

Enjoying “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”

Fell behind on “Fear the Walking Dead” – Hope to catch up and finish it this weekend

Same with 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star

Need to start Obi-Wan Kenobi

I have been going for a run / walk after work as much as possible

Reading “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline – Enjoying it so far

Enjoy watching “Food Theory” on You Tube – Never knew coffee was a fruit seed soup

Mets are playing some good baseball. – Hope they don’t falter in June / July like the past few years

Think the new LIV Golf league is a fad and feels like an exhibition (Which nobody will care about)

Looking forward to seeing Sir Elton John at Met Life Stadium in July

Sad to see “Dear Evan Hansen” will be closing in September – Really liked the show

Check out my daily Survivor Tweets

Getting ready to submit an addition video for “The Amazing Race” followed by one for “Survivor”

Have a great weekend

Average Andy


About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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