Thoughts on the Survivor 42 Finale

Survivor 42 came to end last Wednesday, with 24 year old Maryanne Oketch from Ajax,
who Outwit, Outplayed, and Outlasted 17 other contestants to become the latest Sole Survivor. Looking back and thinking about this season, I really enjoyed it, but felt it was missing a real interesting / charismatic / likable contestant who will be remembered. Even Mayanne, (who I liked and was glad she won), does not make it into my all time favorites. There are players who I will never forget going all the way back to season 1, and players that I do not remember or would not recognize if they were standing next to me. Not sure I will really remember any of this seasons contestants. Nobody who I would really want to come back in a future season.

As far as the show and game play goes, The show is still the best of all reality shows and has the best host and production crew making it a joy to watch. And for Season 42, it was really neat to watch especially how we the viewers were aware of certain things due to having been able to watch Season 41 while the contestants were on the island filming Season 42. This gave a great insight and made it feel like I was right there along for the ride.

I do like how Jeff Probst read the Final Votes immediately after the votes. Thinks it really shows the true emotion of the winner and runners-up instead of if they had 6+ months to think about things. The live after show was neat, but wished they could have had all the early eliminated contestants come out and join the party. I believe this was due to COVID so hopefully going forward things can be tweaked a bit.

I also miss the Ponderosa Videos of the jury members. Not sure why they didn’t do them this season. Always like to see how the players react to who gets voted out, and how they get to reflect on their journey. Again, maybe there were restrictions due to COVID and they will bring them back next season.

I will be submitting my next audition video in the next month or so (read they will be looking at new applications in August for upcoming seasons. It was really cool to see 57 year old Mike Turner talk about how he had been waiting and dreaming for 21 years for his adventure. That really hit me hard as I am 55 years old and have also have been waiting, dreaming, and imagining being a contestant on Survivor since It premiered in 2020. I cannot remember a day that goes by when I don’t somehow think about Survivor. It has been my companion for the past 22 years and continues to make me excited about each new season. I have seen and learned so much about different people and places over the years and am looking forward to many more

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend as we kick off summer 20022



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