USA Soccer, Survivor 42

A friend of mine invited me join him in Orlando, Florida last weekend to go see the USA Men’s Soccer team play Panama in a World Cup Qualifying Match. He was paying for the hotel (AirBnB) and I had some Airline credit due to a trip being cancelled during the pandemic. So while I’m not the biggest soccer fan (I like watching game now and then), I decided to take the trip. I am really glad I did. The place we stayed was just a few blocks from downtown Orlando, and about a mile from Exploria Stadium (Home of the MLS Orlando City SC). I knew my friend was really into soccer, but didn’t realize he belonged to soccer message groups and listened to The Scuffed Soccer Podcast . I also didn’t realize that there were a bunch of tailgates and activities planned before and after the game.

I had a great time catching up with my friend as we walked / lyfted around Orlando going to some cool bars, a pickup soccer game, and awesome tailgates with die hard soccer fans. I was asked a bunch of times how long I had been following Team USA and what my “Handle” was on all the message boards. I met people from California, Washington, Iowa, Texas, Louisiana and more who all made the trip to Orlando to root on the team. Everybody was super nice and a great time was had.

The game itself was exciting with the USA beating Panama 5 – 1. It practically assured that the USA team would qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar this winter. (Note: the USA team did officially qualify for the World Cup despite losing to Costa Rica 0 – 2 last night)

I really enjoyed Orlando, and how cool it was to be able and walk from where we were staying in the suburbs into the hear of the city. Much different then in the NY City area when their is no real suburbs.

Here are a few photos I took before my phone died

I am really enjoying this season of Survivor. Its fun to watch when you know about some of the advantages coming before the players do (Due to filming back to back episodes). I haven’t been upset with the players voted off so far (None really resonated with me). Usually I have a favorite who is voted off early, and then have to find somebody else to root for. I have to say, Jonathan Young has a chance to become a big fan favorite. He is dominating in the challenges, and seems to be well liked. That’s a good combination to have early and should get him to the merge. From there if he adjusts his thinking a bit by listening instead of dominating, he could go all the way.

Its infesting how quickly people can change there mind and opinion about somebody. When I am on the show, I hope I would be able to read people and know who is lying (I know everybody lies at some point) and who is really trustworthy. I think I would be able to understand that everybody has an agenda, and be able to convince them that they need me to help them get further.

I know its not easy and would love to opportunity to give it shot and see how hard it really is. If I fail, I fail, but at least I can say I gave it my best.

Be sure to check out Dalton Ross’s Entertainment Weekly Recap. He has been doing it since the beginning (Season 1) and always has some good insight and thoughts



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