The Amazing Race / Survivor / Marillion (AHBID)

First, a big congratulations to Kim & Penn for winning The Amazing Race 33. Was a really good season (and an interesting one, as the race was shutdown for 18 months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). Like always the show shows how big, exciting, and nice the world can be. Every time I watch I learn more about places around the world then I did during any geography class I took in school.

I also would like to shout out Raquel & Cayla for running a great race and coming so close. They should be super proud of the race they ran. And thanks to all teams that came back after the 18 months break to show that despite covid we still can travel and experience the world

Survivor returned this week for Season 42 And every year and season since Survivor premiered on May 31st, 2000, I have in front of my TV watching and enjoying the original and best reality TV show ever made. For over 610 episodes, I have been emotionally invested and enthralled of the show and its contestants. I just find the show a fascinating study of people and how they interact with each other while pushing themselves to do things outside their comfort zone. Many of the players have been and inspiration to both me and thousands of people around the world. I still dream and believe that one day, I will join the party and experience Survivor as a contestant myself. I want to experience the ups and downs and highs and lows of pushing myself past my limits and out of my comfort zone. As I get older, I also want to prove to myself and others that Survivor is not just a game for young, pretty and physically strong people, or people with tragic life issues, but for all so called average and people who also want the experience of a lifetime.

As for Episode 1, I really like the fact that since they film seasons back to back, the audience now know some of the twists and turns before the contestants do since they were on the island filming Season 42 while we were all home watching Season 41. Looks to be another good cast of players and will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I felt really bad for Jackson Fox who was forced to leave for safety reasons due to medication he was taking for mental health issues. He was not forced to leave not for the medication, but the fact that without it, he could suffer serious side effects during detox, and the Survivor Producers and Crew might not be able to properly treat due to the remote location.

As for Zach Wurtenberger, he just seem a bit to young and naïve for the game. Also it hit me pretty hard and I realized how old I am when he said he was a life long fan of the game since he was a kid (which would be about 10 years after Survivor actually premiered). I feel its hard to be considered a life long fan of something you were only around for about half of it. Kind of like when a 30 to 40 something says they are a life long Yankee fan sine they started watching in 1995.

Looking forward to this season, and will be creating another video application to submit for future seasons – CBS has renewed both Survivor and The Amazing Race for additional seasons, so I continue to hope and dream.

Marillion dropped their 20th Studio Album “An Hour Before It’s Dark” last week. Like always they had a pre-order campaign where people pre-order the album months ahead of time, and then they have the time and money to make the album they want. There were many levels of pre-orders including CDs / DVDs / Vinyl Albums / and even cassettes. You also could have items signed by all 5 members of the band (h, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Teavas, and Ian Mosley), as well as get your name published in the CD liner notes.

As for the album, its really really good and they continue to be one of the best (but unknow in the US) bands out there. Hopefully people will find this album, give it a listen, and realize what they have been missing. The album is actually doing really well on the UK charts, and they have done some interesting promotions (signs on busses and taxis).

I’ll leave you with a set of videos I came across of Jim Newstead reviewing the new album. He breaks things down and gives you the feel and joy of listening.



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