Time marches on

Very sad to see 2 places that I went to way back when I was young have shut their doors

Bowcraft Family Amusement Park

When I was in High School, I was big into the old fashion arcade games, and loved going to arcades to play the latest games.   One of the places I would go was Bowcraft, a small family owned amusement park, that also had an large arcade.    When ever possible, my friends and I would get a ride and be dropped off for hours of enjoyment.  We would spend hours playing games such as Asteroids, Pac Man, Defender and Joust.

I haven’t been their or even thought of the place in years.   But last week I happen to be driving by and noticed it was closed and for sale.   I went on-line when I got home and saw that they closed last October and may be replaced by new homes.   I know that arcades are pretty much extinct (except for at boardwalks at the shore), but it made me sad to see it closed and take with me a part of my childhood.

Bowcraft Family Amusement Park


The Rialto Movie Theater

Going to the movies on a Friday night was a big part of my life growing up.   Back in the day, there were very few large multiplex theaters (Most towns movie theaters had only one screen).    But a few towns over was the Rialto Theater that had 3 screens and usually had the big summer releases.  I remember seeing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial their with my parents when it 1st came out.   Some of my favorite times were getting dropped off at the Rialto Theater with friends on a Friday night with friends to go to the movies by ourselves.

Just like Bowcraft, I haven’t been to the Rialto Theater in years but, I was very sad to see that the theater abruptly closed last week over arguments with the landlords.

Downtown Westfields Iconic Rialto Ttheater Closes

I did see that the Mayor of Westfield, NJ was going to look into things and see if there was a way to resolve the issues and get the theater open again.  Hopefully things can get resolved.

I know that time marches on and does not stop for anybody, but it is sad when places that meant so much to me while growing up, and bring back great memories of time spent with friends (Many who a still great friends today) close and are swept away as part of progress.

Thank you to Bowcraft and the Rialto Theater for the memories – They will last forever even after the places are gone




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