Whats your Favorite?

I get asked this all the time.  Whats your favorite movie?  Whats your favorite musical group or song?  Whats your favorite food?   The more and more I get asked this, I have come to realize that for me, there is no true answer.   I may have movies or songs I remember more than others, or foods that I like more than others, but can I really narrow them down to my all time favorite.

I see people who become super obsessed with a favorite, and then feel that everything else is irrelevant.  Maybe I’m just wired differently, or have really never come across something that I felt so passionate about that the rest of the world simply fades away.

Below would be my answers if asked


My go to answer when asked my favorite movie is “Star Wars”.   It has been a huge part of my life ever since it was released in 1977.   I became a huge fan and have remained a fan ever since.   But I have seen thousands of movies over my life, and hundreds of them have been really good.   To just dismiss them and say “Star Wars” is my favorite, and all others are a step behind just seems strange to me.


Most people who know me know I am a huge fan of Marillion, and have been since 1st hearing them in the mid 80’s.   When asked my favorite band, Marillion would be my answer.  I have every one of their albums, and have taken part in all of their crowd funding efforts over the years.   But like with movies, I have heard hundreds of bands and thousands of songs, and seen hundreds of concerts across all different genres. I have been emotionally touched by countless artists who all deserve credit.   To pick just one just does not seem fair


This one is strange.   When asked my favorite food, I always go to a Burger King Whopper I had at a rest stop on the New York State Thruway while on a road trip while I was in college.   For what ever reason, it has always stuck with me as the best thing I have ever eaten.    I have had some incredible meals at home (my wife is an incredible chef) and at restaurants (both casual and fancy), but noting has made me forget about that Whopper.

Life is full of all sorts of wonderful things, and to try and narrow everything down to a “Favorite” or “Best Of” just seems unfair and unhealthy.   So go out and enjoy all the movies and music and food out there and if somebody does ask you whats your favorite, just say “I like a lot and there are just too many to list”



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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