Just some quick notes

Going to try and see Solo this weekend.   Heard both good and bad things so want to check things out for myself

All of Fish’s (from Marillion) solo albums are now available to stream – Listening now on itunes.

Fish – The Digital Collection

At the 1/3 way mark,  the Mets are playing .500 ball (27 up, 27 down).   Been a strange beginning to the season.   After getting off to an 11-1 start, they have given that all back and are now truly an average team.   Coming into 2018, it was time for a change so I have no issues getting rid of Terry Collins.   But I am still on the fence with Mickey Callaway.  Kind of reminds be of when a guy I was working with got promoted to Manager.  He was a great guy and a great worker, but never blossomed as a Manager.  In fact he was a pretty bad manager, and I ended up moving on from the job.   Management is hard and not everybody is built to be a manager.   It takes special skills to be able to relate to both upper management (who has ways they want things done) and to the workers (who do the work).   If you give the appearance of leaning one way or the other, you can lose both sides.   Also, the best managers need to be able to separate personal feelings with work objectives and be hard on people if they are underperforming.   The saying ‘It’s not Personal’ is true,  but the hard part is getting your workers to understand this without hurting their feelings.    I think that Micky Callaway needs to trust himself more,  and stop appearing to be doing everything based on statistics and instead do what he thinks will win games.  (This is an issue all across MLB).   Funny how managers will follow other managers and teams by relying on all these statistics they have from people who have never played the game, and have never really won anything.   If I were a manager, I I would trust myself to know what my players can do.  I would also look for the Managers / Teams that are winning and follow what they are doing.   The idea is still to win games, (regardless of team Run Differential or Pitchers Quality Starts).

Have a good weekend




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