Enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday

Hope everybody can take some time off this weekend and enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday with family and friends

It’s taken me a few days to digest the Survivor Season Finale.   While I was not heavily rooting for Wendle, congratulations to him for winning this season.

For the 2nd season in a row, the final 4 fire making challenge led to a winner who in all previous seasons would not have even made the final 3.    In both cases, they were able to withstand losing the last immunity challenge by winning the fire making contest.  Here is a interview with runner up Domenik about this, and how he thinks it will play out going forward – Basically people will try not to win the last immunity challenge as it has a better chance of making them look bad by sending somebody to the jury then being able to get rid of a strong challenger

Domenick – Survivor:Ghost Island runner up

This was an interesting season.   I did not think that Ghost Island lived up to what is could have been.   To many times people were sent to Ghost Island and then nothing happened and it seemed like an afterthought.   I did like some of the twists with old advantages and idols.   Going forward, I think there are some cool things that could be done to really challenge people – Note stating that a found idol is not real, or that idols or extra votes need to played at a specific tribal council or they are no good  – How about an idol that is switches between real and fake after each tribal.

I also think they need to get some more novice players.   Most of the contestants have really studied the game and it is becoming a bit to calculated.    KInd of like all the syber-metric stuff in sports.    Need to somehow bring back some innocents from the past where every move is not calculated over and over.

No matter what they do, I will keep watching – Still find it fascinating on many levels and think its a great study of people and how they react to each other and the unknown elements

Have a great Memorial Holiday




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