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Tonight is the Season Finale of The Amazing Race.   I have really enjoyed this season.   Of the 3 teams left, I’m routing for Tyler and Korey to win, but would not mind if Cole and Sheri were to win.   I love Cole’s attitude;  he is always positive and having a good time.  His comment about it not mattering if they got eliminated because he had the opportunity to ride those scooters in China is what the Amazing Race is really about.   I have always felt that the experience is worth more than the Million Dollars

As a show note, last week was one of the 1st times where they actually fooled me with the editing.   It felt like Burnie and Ashley were way ahead of Cole and Sheri, and I was shocked when they showed Cole and Sheri come up the stairs.

On Survivor, another contestant was medically eliminated from the game.  That was the 3rd person this season (and 2nd on the Jury) to leave and not be officially voted off.  Its not like the challenges have been super hard or dangerous.   Now its down to the final 4, with the finale next Wednesday.  My vote would be for Michele.   Mainly because I don’t really like Aubry or Cydney, and Tai has become annoying.    Nobody in the final 4 really played a super game this year. (Aubry probably played the game the most).    And with all the excitement of the Super Idol, the Idols in general did not have a big impact on the game.  And the advantage of the extra vote again was not utilized.   Just like the last few seasons, It has never been used to change anything.   Need to reevaluate it.  Maybe the advantage should be you get to stop somebody from voting.   That would be fun to see.

As mentioned last post, will be heading out the Allentown PA for the Philly Non Sport Show this weekend.  Will also be attending the Card Talk gathering on Sunday.  Will be discussion the recent acquisition of Non Sport Update by Beckett Media.  Will be interesting to see there vision for the magazine going forward.

The NY Mets are doing what they need to do on a long west coast trip.   Much more enjoyable the past few years then in the past where they would go 2 – 9 and limp back to CitiField.   It would be great if they could take 2 of 3 in Colorado, and have a 6 -5 road trip before taking on the Nationals next Tuesday.   Should be a good test an a lot of fun

Finishing up the books I’m reading / listening to and will try to write a review when Im done.

Was not able to listen to all of Journeys’ Albums as planned as the last 2 albums were released exclusively  by Wall Mart and are not available for streaming on Apple Music or other streaming services.  I did enjoy listening to the rest of the albums.   Going to start with a new artist next week.   Was thinking about trying Fleetwood Mac.   Will keep you updated.

Hope  everybody has a great weekend








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