Time for another post

Sorry I haven’t written more.    I should force myself to find a few minuets during the week to get away from the real world and write.  Its good for the soul and helps in learning to let myself escape for a bit

Only a few more episodes of both Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Have really enjoyed both shows this year.   For Survivor, while there were no players who really stick out and I am really root for or against, there has been some interesting players who are playing a good games.  I do like Tai, but he is a bit over the top.   Of the 5 players left, I think I would like to see Michele win (and the fact that she is from New Jersey is a plus).   I do like to see Joe sticking around this far.   Don’t think he has any chance of winning since he really has not done much in the way of making any bold of big moves.   Same with Cydney who may be able to get to finals by winning challenges, but has not done enough to deserve the title of Sole Survivor.

As in the past, I really enjoy watching the Ponderosa Videos after each player is eliminated and sent to the jury.  Great to see the players in a real life environment (no longer in game play mode).    I also enjoy Jeff Probsts’ weekly column on Entertainment Weekly On-Line. Always gives some good insight from his prospective.

Its down to the wire on The Amazing Race.    My daughter is still happy that Tyler and Korey are still racing and can make the final 3.    I hope they make it as well and will be rooting for them to win the whole thing.   I have to admit that Cole has grown on me.  I love his attitude and hope he and his mom also make the final 3.  Should be an interesting final 2 episodes.

The NY Mets are playing some good ball  (although the bats have gone a bit silent the past few days;  including getting no-hit into the 7th inning against the Padres).   But with their pitching they should remain near the top of the N.L. East for the season.    While individual pitchers may have their ups and downs (Including Matt Harvey who needs to stop worrying about his big pay-day in 2 years and concentrate on pitching well now), they should not have stretches where they go 3 – 7.   Not having bad stretches is usually what separates the good teams from the bad.

Next week should be fun as the Mets play the Dodgers on the west coast.  Give me a chance to get some things done after work before listening the the game while going to sleep.   Always liked listening to games on the radio at night while in bed.  In the old days I would have my transistor radio, and have to hold it up and move it around as the sound faded in and out.  Now I just use the MLB App on my kindle and never miss a pitch.

Sad note as I just read that Rickey Smith, an American Idol contestant from Season 2 died in a car accident.  Was hit head on by a drunk driver.   He was a good singer and a funny guy.  I will always remember him and his “Hercules Hercules”.   RIP Rickey

Rickey Smith – American Idol Season 2

Next weekend is the 64th Annual Philly Non-Sports care show in Allentown, PA.   Been going twice a year for the past 15 years and always have a good time.  Looking to pick up some of the Star Trek 50th cards from Rittenhouse Archives, and well as some promo cards I need.  Will take some pictures and post some of the cards I pick up

64th Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Cards

Finally, I was able to pick up a pair of tickets to see Guns and Roses this summer.   Decided that I should go and have a good time.   Many of my friends think we are to old, or that we should move on from the past.   Not me.  I’m looking forward to it.




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