Another week gone by

Where does the time go.   Seems like I was just updating this blog.   Lots to go over for the week.

I really enjoyed the Amazing Race Season premiere.   While I’m a bit old for the You Tube Crowd, I have heard  and seen some of the contestants (both through my daughter and from random links from facebook and other web sites).   My daughter is a big time fan / follower of Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl and had been counting down the days until the premier so she could watch them.  They both seem like really nice guys and I hope they do well as well.

It always amazes me when team get so lost or so messed up during a challenge.   How can some teams know exactly what they are supposed to do, while others take hours trying to figure things out.   When I’m on the Amazing Race, part of my strategy will be to know when to stop, take a deep breath and re-evaluate things.

My favorite teams as of now are:  Tyler and Korey,  Zach and Rachale, and Brodie and Kurt.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for some of the teams to stop missing the spotlight or attention that they normally receive.

I also really enjoyed the Survivor Season Premier.  I have never missed an episode, and each season never fails to completely captivate me.  I never was a huge fan of the All-Star Seasons where they bring back a whole bunch of past players, but don’t mind when they bring in a contestant or 2 from other shows.  Its king of neat seeing players from Big Brother and The Amazing Race in a completely different environment.  I really liked Beast Mode Cowboy on Big Brother, and hope he does well this Season.

Seems to  be a strange mix of players this season.    It also feels that there are players on each tribe who would fit in better on one of the other tribes.  Will be fun to watch.

Every time somebody is voted off in the early round (when there really is no strategy or alliances in play), I am amazed that they don’t fight more.   Could be they just don’t show things, but when I’m a contestant, I would be doing everything possible to stay.   You want me to vote this way – Done.   You want me to do this or do that – Done.    Need to do anything possible to get to the merge when the game play changes.

There are a few annoying players who would be better off not talking as much and listening to what others have to say, including Alecia who was given every chance to stay and almost talked her way out the door.   Sad that Darnell was voted off due to losing the goggles (He should have argued more, and sate that even though they lost time getting the paddles for the boat, they actually made up all that time, and if Alecia did’t bail on the puzzle, they might have won,

Looking forward to a great season

Few other things

While I liked the Walking Dead mid season premier, I did not think it was the best episode ever (far from it).   I really thought that the whole thing was a dream once Sam got eaten. Seems so out of place.  They were all standing there, and then Sam just got eaten.  And then his Mom, again for no reason.  And Carl getting his eye shot out looked really fake to me.  Reminded me of the Terminator.   Though Arnold was going to rise up and start shooting all the walkers.    I really like the Walking Dead and have been watching since the beginning, but this season is beginning to feel like a season of Star Trek: Next Generation.  Every week there is some big crisis, they don’t know what to do, and then at the last second (Data, or in this case  Daryl or Abraham) appear and save the day.

Heading back to Bethlehem, PA for Lehigh / Lafayette hoops on Sunday (Final home game of the Season).  After a 0 – 7 start, the Mountain Hawks have come roaring back and could possibly win the Patriot League.    Might actually have a shot to get an automatic bid this year.

And finally,  Its Baseball Season.   Pitchers and Catcher have reported to Spring Training and an getting exited for another season of Mets Baseball.   For the 1st time in a while, the Mets go into a season with high expectations.   They have a good team and this looks like it could be a really fun season as they look to make their way back to the World Series








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