They’re Back

Season 28 of The Amazing Race starts tonight with the cast made up of You Tube, and other Internet stars.   Should be interesting to see how people whose job is to use computers and cell phones 24/7 handle being cut off for a month.   My daughter has been counting down the days to the premier as she is a YouTuber and knows many of the contestants.   I have heard of some, but others are new to me.

Amazing Race on CBS

Will write next week with a breakdown of the teams and who I will be rooting for.

And Season  32 of Survivor starts next Wednesday.  Hard to believe that it been 16 years since survivor started.   I still remember reading about it before the 1st Season aired in the summer of 2000.    I was hooked then and have never missed an episode since.

Survivor (U.S._TV_Series)

I have have watched as they have changed the days it aired (Was originally on Wednesday for Season 1,  moved to Thursday for Season 2 – 20, and then back to Thursday for Season 21 through present.  I remember when Survivor would be moved to Wednesdays ( because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament on Thursdays) and having to reprogram my VCR to make sure I recorded it.   I also remember the early days of DVR when I had to add each season as the DVR saw each season as a separate show.

And I have continued to apply for the show over the years.   In the beginning I remember filling out the 10+ page application,  getting copies of my passport, and sending all that in with a VHS tape of myself.   Was so much easier when the moved to on-line submissions, and got rid of the long application (although  I did like a lot of the questions, and always felt I gave great answers – I remember saying that the 1 person I would like to be stuck with on a deserted island was Marc Cuban before his Shark Tank Days.

Will be working on my next audition video this weekend if its not too cold here on the East Coast.  Hope to get it submitted soon

Like The Amazing Race, I will write next week with a breakdown of the contestants, who I will be rooting for, and who I think will win

Changing gears,  big win for the Lehigh Basketball team the other night against division leading Bucknell.     After a 0 – 7 start, the Mountain Hawks have been playing some good ball and find themselves tied for 2nd in the Patriot League with 5 games left.  Hopefully they continue to play well into the Patriot League Tournament.

Receive an e-mail that the new Marillion album is coming along and the title will be announced soon.  Look to be on track for a end of 2016 release, so hopefully will get to hear some new songs when seeing them at the PlayStation Theater in November.   Gives me something to look forward to

And finally, the Walking Dead returns this Sunday.  Will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out, and who makes it to next season

Happy Valentines day on Sunday, and for those who are off, enjoy your long Presidents Day Weekend

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