Hard to believe it’s almost October

Really enjoyed the season premiere of Survivor this week.   Thought they did a great job of mixing the old with new (Both with the contestants and the challenges).   Being a fan since the beginning it was great to see some of the original contestants, and interesting to see how the game has changed from when they were originally on.   Seeing some of them struggle to adjust to the later ways of playing that didn’t even exist when they were on (Forming alliances, Hidden Immunity Idols) is fascinating to me.   I also found myself wondering if the newer and younger players would want to work with the older players since they had more experience before realizing they really don’t, and most likely have less of an idea on how to play.   Going to be really interesting to see how the season plays out.

Wasn’t upset that Vytas was the 1st to go.  Not one of my favorites.   Here is my early impression of the contestants (may change as the season goes on)

Joe Anglim Nice guy (almost too nice)  – Like to see him go far
Vytas Baskauskas Already gone
Jeremy Collins Neutral
Terry Deitz Like him – Hope he does well
Ciera Eastin Wouldn’t mind if she went far
Stephen Fishbach Non descript – not a big fan
Tasha Fox Neutral
Abi-Maria Gomes Anoying but not the worst
Woo Hwang Like him, but may be a bit too laid back
Kimmi Kappenberg Always liked her an hope she does well
Peih-Gee Law Neutral
Kass McQuillen Like her alot – One of my favoites
Keith Nale My daughters favorite, so hope he goes far
Shirin Oskooi Actully like here and the way she plays
Monica Padilla Neutral
Andrew Savage Like him for his name
Jeff Varner I’m a fan of the old timers
Kelley Wentworth Not a big fan
Kelly Wiglesworth Like to see her do well

Another fun and entertaining season of Big Brother ended with Steve the big winner.   Was very happy to see him win, and he deserves the $500,000.00.     Was glad he won the final HoH and voted off Venessa.   While Vanessa played a good game, she was just to annoying for me.   Was nice to see Dr Will Kirby back to interview the jury members.  After 17 Seasons of Big Brother, he is still the all time best player (Sorry Dan Gheesling).   He was able to control the game like no other – He manipulated everybody (just like Vanessa) but did it while coming across as a nice and likeable person

Dr Will Kirby – Big Brother winner

Switching topics and going back a bit, I finished listening to all 15 Genesis studio albums, and really enjoyed the musical journey.    Was interesting to see how the band and music evolved over time.   Was interesting to learn that Phil Collins was not the singer on the final album (Calling All Stations), and while it was not a commercial success, I actually enjoyed listening to it.    All in all,  it was a great experience, and am thinking of doing the same for another band (I’m open for suggestions).   Needs to be a band that has mass appeal (like maybe the Police), and that is not to heavy or light.   Will see what i come up with.

I finally got around to try listening to a book using audible.com   My daughter got me to sign up so she could listen to some of here You Tubers books (Yes – There is such a thing as a You Tuber, and besides posting videos, they writhe books).  Anyway when you sign up you get some free credits, so I decided to give it try and downloaded The Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials and am really enjoying it.   Never read the 1st Maze Runner book (wanted to), but saw the movie and thought it was very entertaining.    Listening to a book is a little different than reading, as your mind can wander, or you can become distracted but the book keeps on going.    Will let you know once I’m done  (again I am open to suggestions on any books to read  / listen to)

That’s all for now –  more to come soon



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